This month buy just one clear luggage tag and get two free of the same tag. You read that right. It's that easy!

Add all the Cruise Critic gear that you can't live without including the tags THEN add the code 1FOR2NARROW or 1FOR2WIDE

Here's what you do: Add whatever items you want to purchase into your cart. THEN add the tags to your cart. You MUST MUST MUST add the tags to your cart in order to get the deal. Then apply the code to the order. Make sure you see the discount in your cart with the code applied. We CANNOT under any circumstances add the code after the order is submitted and we CANNOT ship them to you separately from your order. Everything you expect to receive in the order, including the free tags, must be done in one order. NO EXCEPTIONS! If there's any questions at all about placing the order, write to [email protected]. What you see on your screen is what you're receiving and for the price you see. If the price of the tags isn't credited to the order, you will not get them for free. A credit cannot be given to you after the fact. Once you finalize the order, it's complete and cannot be changed.

This offer ends June 30, 2017

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