We are experiencing issues with emailing all forum communications to bellsouth, pacbell and ATT (and subsidiaries) domains*. This means you may not receive the following emails:

- New Post Notifications
- Password Resets
- Activation Emails (if you are new)
- Re-activation emails (if you change your email address to one of those effected domains)

We cannot offer an ETA on fixing this issue. If you have another email address you can use, that would be your best option at this time.

To change your email address of record, while logged in:

Click Here
Choose: Edit Email & Password options (Note you do not have to change your password!)
Complete the new email fields, and don't forget to press the SAVE CHANGES button
You will receive an email asking you to verify your new email address.

We hope this helps those of you using these domain addresses at this time.

*Other ATT Email Domains: ameritech.net; flash.net; nvbell.net; prodigy.net; sbcglobal.net; snet.net; swbell.net; wans.net

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