View Full Version : Cahuita Natl. Park and beaches-worthwhile?

November 23rd, 2004, 03:28 PM
We are doing a Panama Canal cruise in Dec. and our ship is docking in Puerto Limon for a day. From reading these message boards, there are so many options and ways to spend the day-Almonds and Corals, Tortuguero Canal, possibly the Sloth Sanctuary etc. Has anyone been to Cahuita National Park and/or any of the beaches near Puerto Limon and would you say it is worthwhile to spend time at the Park? Also, are any of the beaches nice for swimming and/or kayaking-in other words, are they beautiful and would you recommend spending time there or would one's time be better spent do other things rather than going to the beach? If the beaches are great, which one would you recommend?
We want to make the most of the 6 or so hours we have for touring. We are going with 3 children-13, 10 and 6.
Thank you for any help or recommendations that you can give.


November 27th, 2004, 07:37 PM
Definitely NO beaches worth going to w/your age group (esp. 6 yo) since surf can get extremely rough. They're also NOT picturesque. Went to Cahuito for a "stroll" after Almonds & Corals... and it was just "ok".. other places we should have stopped at. Now we're returning again this year and we're thinking about rafting... decisions, decisions.