View Full Version : Minimum bets on craps table ?

November 30th, 2009, 04:48 PM
Just got off of a 4 night cruise on the Carnival Inspiration. I was disappointed to see that they'd gone to a $10 minimum on the craps table, almost for the entire time the casino was open. The only time it was set at a $5 minimum was the last afternoon.

Interestingly, the afternoon when it was a $5 minimum, the table was packed all afternoon. It was virtually empty just about always other than that, and was not even open (or entirely empty) two of the evenings, other than an occasional random player. The last night, there were a few people playing for an hour or so.

Anyone know when they bumped to the $10 minimum? That's too steep for me, I love the game but don't like the possibility of going through my entire night's "fun money" on just a roll or 2.

I understand the math of higher stakes blackjack tables, but I haven't seen any good analysis on doing the same with craps. Seems like they'd make more having the table busy for 6 hours at $5 mins than virtually empty for 6 hours at $10 mins.

December 1st, 2009, 12:02 AM
I agree that it would be wiser for them to have busy tables at the lower minimum. Perhaps Carnival is testing the waters and your cruise was chosen as one of the test "victims".

I will be on Princess (same parent company) in three weeks, and will report back about conditions at Blackjack and Craps aboard. I have seen copies of the ship's daily newsletter from two different Princess ships cruising last month. Both of them proudly proclaim $3 minimum Special on the first night. That gives me a gut feeling that it will be $5 on the other nights.

I certainly hope it's not $10. While that isn't any problem for me, my DW wouldn't feel comfortable with it. I've just taught her the game and she is not yet confident about it. We like to be together (gives an extra something to the atmosphere), but the higher minimum will scare her off.

Shalom from Tel Aviv. Andy.