View Full Version : Equinox - persian gardens price for 11 night cruise

February 28th, 2010, 03:54 AM
I am interested in finding out how much the persian gardens is for an 11 night cruise - does anyone have recent experience? thanks

February 28th, 2010, 08:28 AM
My husband and I each received a one day complimentary pass to the Persian Gardens. You couldn't pay me to go there again! It was definitely not our thing and I personally thought it was boring. About eight heated lounges, two showers with two different settings, a steam room and a sauna all in a rather small space. Talking was frowned upon which I can understand if you want a totally isolated experience but if being on a cruise in itself isn't enough to help you "unwind" then I'm not so sure the Persian Gardens would help. Like everything else, I would imagine some people probably enjoyed the experience but we definitely didn't.