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July 31st, 2010, 09:40 PM
This will be our 5th time in Dominica we are doing back to back cruises on the Victory and will be doing the Emerald Pool, Mr Nices Fruit Stand and River Tubeing. The second week at Dominica we know we want to go to Ti Tou Gorge but are not sure who to book with and don't know what else we should see. Things we know we don't want see again -

Champagne beach - I loved it but my friend and her son thought it was too rough and scary.

Trafalgar Falls - It was pretty however we would skip it this time as there is no swimming and the hike over the boulders was a bit much.

Wotten Waven Hot Sulphur Spring - We enjoyed it but we have been there twice and feel there are other places we should see.

I heard there are naturaly occuring water slides but I'm not sure where they are. If you took a trip to Ti Tou Gorge can you tell me what else you did on your tour and who you did it with? Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks in advance for your help.

August 3rd, 2010, 02:53 PM
Hi Rebecca! We were in Dominica last April and booked Levi with Bumpiiing Tours. We took the Roseau Valley Tresures Tour and it was THE BEST excursion I've ever done on any of my past 10 cruises. It was Amazing and Levi is highly recommended....I found him here on CC. We are going back to Dominica in November and I am booking with him again for sure! Here is the link to his cruise ship tours:


Good luck and have fun! Heather :-)