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April 7th, 2004, 09:37 PM

I had some questions about what airport passengers fly in to when the ships leave from Ensenada Mexico. I know that there is an airport there, but when I do a flight search, I can't find any flights in or out of there. I am considering the 3/27 itinerary and the air is really inexpensive through Celebrity. Also, I would appreciate any feedback (positive or negative) about your experiences with the Hawaii trips. My only hesitation is that the ship is Infinity and it's had several problems with the propulsion system.

April 7th, 2004, 10:29 PM
Others have posted that you fly into San Diego (SAN) and are bussed to Ensenada.

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April 7th, 2004, 10:29 PM
Hi, Xranger -

The cruiseline will fly you in or out of the San Diego, CA airport and put you on a bus across the border. Of course, there are many more choices to get to San Diego, so the prices will be better and there will be more possible connections but I've heard the transfer can take a long time. I've particulary heard that for cruises arriving in Ensenada (i.e., eastbound cruises) crossing the US border can take hours, including getting off the bus and physically walking across the border one by one. I've never heard that about departures from Ensenada. Also, you might consider a Hawaii cruise departing from or arriving at Vancouver, where you can fly to/from much more easily.

Personally haven't done a Celebrity Hawaii cruise, but I think the combination of the islands and four straight days at sea sound wonderful!

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April 7th, 2004, 11:36 PM
WE have been on Infinity to Hawaii and did a back to back. Taking the bus to Ensenada wasn't too bad and beautiful scenery once you get passed Tijuana. The only problem was Celebrity was not organized about when everyone would get on the busses. It was chaos at the airport. Hopefully they have worked this out better. Returning to Ensenada and going across the border was a pain in the neck. You have to invision 1900 passengers walking four deep on the broken sidewalks of Mexico in the heat to get through the border crossing. Having said that it was still the best cruise I have been on. The Infinity is our favorite ship and while she has had pod problems she sails beautifully and we would not hesitate to book again. Infact we plan on doing the same back to back next spring.

My fear with Infinity is that she will break down for her yearly pod problem and our cruise will be cancelled but Celebrity has done of great job of compensating passengers for their inconvience. And it just so happens she did break down in Jan 2003 and we were sailing in March. So she was out of drydock just before we cruised. Our back to back was for 21 days and on the day we sailed out of Hilo to return to Ensenada about four hours out the ship stopped and the Captain announced that they would be doing a routine check of the propulsion system. We were stopped for about to hours but it was of no consequence.

Can't comment on the airfare from/to Honolulu but I do know many of the cruisers said they got a great deal. Getting to/from San Diego is a piece of cake.

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