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August 7th, 2011, 08:09 AM
FROM THE ARCHIVES - INFORMATION & POSTS SAVED from the Mariner 1/4/2009 ATH Roll Call
The purpose of this thread is to be the repository for information and/or posts saved from the original roll call thread,
"Mariner of the Seas 1/4/2009 Around the Horn".

Understandably, most Hornblowers did not have the chance to save information or posts from the original roll call before the thread was archived.


--- We welcome any Hornblowers who saved original roll call information/posts that may be of interest to other Hornblowers, to copy the information here.

If possible/available, please precede the information with the date/time stamp, or an approximate date, or an event that might identify when this information/post was originally entered.

If you have lots of information for a big post or multiple posts, or even one small but important post: You can also post a separate introductory post with narrative such as "The following post/posts was/were from ___ on December 8th, 2011, 04:38 PM...".

ALSO WELCOME HERE: Updates or Supplemental information relevant to prior posts from the original roll call thread.
For example: A new link to a previous article, or to a tour previously presented/discussed.

Please mention this is an update or supplement to previously posted information, and if available the date/time of the original post or any other relevant event.
Here's a specific example: "At the beginning of December 2008, we talked about visiting the Hippie Fair in Ipanema when in Rio: Here's the link to the event and a link to the tour group we used to take us there on Sunday, January 18, 2009."

Although some of our memories fade, you may find additional information saved in an old folder, hardcopy, or pamphlet, at any time.

Please know that any information/posts from the original roll call thread you think is important to share, even if you find it months from now, will have a home here if you post it.

And our fellow Hornblowers especially will thank you for it.


►--- Hopefully, you, fellow Hornblowers, and other cruisers, may find the information here to be memory-stirring,
-----..interesting/fun/entertaining/insightful/inspirational to read,
-----..and/or helpful in future cruise/travel planning.


►---- IMPORTANT: If you wish to contribute information/posts not taken or directly relevant to the original roll call thread,
SEE ALSO THE FOLLOWING RELATED THREADS, which may be more applicable:

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