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December 27th, 2011, 04:50 PM
Hi everyone!
Hope you all had a nice Christmas.
Kelly-congrats on the job! That is fabulous! have you been to Tabayana before? we went last year and the snorkeling was terrific. just go to the right of the big slide and out a ways. our only regret was that we didn't get to stay longer. and Nachi Cocum is so nice... save room for the coconut ice cream!
We have no big NY's plans. Friday night my son's band is playing at wild wings downtown on the Market. so we are going to that. i have to work sunday so i will stay home NY eve. after that i have 9 whole lovely days off and no plans right now other than to sleep and destress...lol...
i am still at goal with my weight. i quit smoking for a month but was such a witch with a B...that i started back again. it's a horrible habit. i don't exercise enough...but i do try and eat fairly sensibly. i pretty much know what i can get away with...hahaha...
right now i believe it is wine thirty,
have a lovely evening,

Sea Fan
December 27th, 2011, 08:13 PM

Mary Have A wonderful time!!!

Sea Fan
December 27th, 2011, 08:14 PM
Rats, Grandkids are hungry....LOL they are always hungry.:D Back later


December 27th, 2011, 10:36 PM
Hi Everyone,
Life has been crazy; I have been working so much, one weekend I worked until 9pm Saturday and 1am Sunday. We had the staff Christmas party and I cooked. I shipped out to six families. I shopped for gifts and food for Christmas. I was so tired that the biggest thing I was looking forward to was sleep. Yes, I am totally disgusted with myself for being in this situation and determined to change for 2012. My youngest DD and boyfriend went home today (I am at the cabin). My DH left in the early hours to drive to the city and work. I cleaned up, paid some bills, did some work and I will work from here tomorrow. But I will also be very lazy… all by myself. Oldest DD and family are coming Thursday and DH will drive back that night.
I need to do some goal setting.
I really missed you guys and like many have already said, I am grateful to have your friendship and a safe place to turn to. I feel like I am always whining and I am sorry for that. I hope that I will bring more positive messages in 2012.
Sharon and Jan my heart aches for your losses. Marianne I am praying for your DH. Kelly congratulations on getting the job you want, you so deserve it. Kathy you have company in the “boss is a jerk" department – hang in there. Dianne you are such a thoughtful person, I hope you are feeling better and enjoying the GK’s. Mary, Amy, Janey, Dee, Ellen and Paula I love you guys. I hope I did not miss anyone.
You will never really know how much you have done for me and how your support, humor and insight got me through one of the worst years of my life. Sometimes it just helps to hear how others are doing. Sometimes it helps to see that I should expect more from the people who love me when I hear how your loved ones support you. Sometimes it gives me clarity when I want to set your loved ones straight when they treat you poorly and I know that you deserve better. Sometimes you make me laugh so hard with your tales, sometimes you make me cry. Sometimes you make me think and question why. Sometimes you just make me feel…
I am still in the Christmas mindset and hoping you all enjoyed the holiday.


December 28th, 2011, 12:15 AM
I wish I had time to write, but I don't. DD came home from London and I will post stories later. They did take a professional portrait of her in the Palace and we are awaiting its arrival. Precious oldest DS is here for a week and I am cherishing every moment. I will check in later. I sincerely love you all and am lucky you are inmy life even if you live in cyberspace :/

Love Ellen
Happy Holidays all

December 28th, 2011, 11:25 AM
Hello from Panama! Yes we are on our way to Manaus to begin our cruise!

Trish, it's so good to hear from you, I sure hope 2012 is a better year for you. You really have been busy, get some rest if you can.

Gotta run, I need to check my email and then we're going to go look for someplace for lunch.


Mama Lapin
December 28th, 2011, 08:31 PM
Hi, Girls....I am back... I know; I can hardly believe it myself. Maybe I will add regular posting to my list of resolutions for the New Year.

Trish! I am so glad that you popped in to say hello. We were worried about you and had hoped that you had taken off for a 6 week cruise instead of just being overwhelmed with work and family responsibilities. I hope that you mean it when you say that you are going to try to be better to yourself in 2012. My very wise mother said, "sometimes you have to put yourself first." I liken it to the instructions they give you when you board a plane: if the cabin loses pressure and the oxygen mask falls, you are to put it on yourself before you put it on children with whom you may be traveling. That goes against everything we are taught as women and we somehow think that there is glory in taking care of everyone's needs but our own, but that isn't true. And remember, you always have us to vent to either here or by email. That's what this sisterhood is all about.

Kelly, you will love Nachi Cocum. I am sure that you have been there with all the cruising that you have done. I can't think of a better graduation present than a winter cruise. Have fun!

Mary... I am jealous, jealous, jealous... but then, you already know that. Lucky girl! You are going to have an amazing time.

All of the cookies and fudge are safety packed away in the freezer. It takes a little more effort to eat a frozen treat as it does to grab one off the counter. And I am gradually cutting back on the junk food and sugar; I am trying not to shock my system when I start eating healthy on Jan 1.

I hope that you are all enjoying this last week of 2011. I can't believe that we are facing 2012 square in the face. It seems like it was 2000 just yesterday and we were all worried about our computers crashing and appliances going haywire. Looking back, I can see that was a genius marketing ploy. hahaha....

Stay safe and be happy!

December 29th, 2011, 08:54 AM
Good Morning! so glad to see some old friends stopping by! I miss you when you don't stop in and give us updates.

Paula, good plan on freezing the goodies and cutting back slow. I see you've been on MFP. I tried to get back on but just have not been able to start counting yet. Maybe in the New Year. We have been to Nachi with the couple we are cruising with and we are all looking forward to going back! A few others from our roll call have booked there as well so it looks like we'll have a nice group going.

Ellen, enjoy the visiting with the kids! We've had youngest DD here since Monday and oldest will be in some time today with little man! Tomorrow we are doing dress shopping for the wedding and then lunch at the local Thai restaurant.

Trish, I do hope you get some relief in the way of work in the New Year. Don't feel bad about whining. I think we all use this place for that when we need it. I said before I use to journal now I come here.

Janey, you are right about the time in Roatan being to short. I wouldn't care if the skipped Belize and gave me more time in Roatan. We have been to Tabayana twice. Both times the snorkeling was fantastic so I'm looking forward to going back.
Have you read anything good lately. I got a nook and I've read" Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" and "Silver Sparrow". Both were good. I am going to get my library card updated today so I can start borrowing from there with the nook.

Dianne, did the kids eat you out of house and home yet? I saw the hiking pics on fb. Looks like it was a nice day!

Marianne, hoping Larry is recovering nicely from the surgery. My sister in law is having hernia surgery again. She had it done a few years ago and it's back.

Hello to Smooth, Amy, D, Kathy, Sharon, Punki and anyone else I'm missing! Hope you all have a good day!

December 29th, 2011, 03:17 PM
Diane, have been thinking about the distinguished man with the glitter on his face, ha ha ha ha, for some reason that just stikes me as so funny! Nice picture of grandson and grandpa on FB, real bonding going on there.

I went back to Zumba this morning, our regular teacher was not there but the sub did a fairly decent job. Since I haven't been for 2 weeks I really didn't need a hard hour to get through, so this worked just fine.

Paula, I have not froze anything, I am enjoying eating it way tooooo much, will have to pay the price soon and jump on the wagon. The significant other of one of Bill's sons, sent over about a 5lb hunk of homemade lasagna, garlic bread and extra sauce, also 2 cornish hens and a rice casserole and strawberries and some kind of puff desert to put them on. Seems to me Dear Abby always says to give "old" people food because they have everything else. Do you supposed thats what she's thinking??? I did have to freeze some of that stuff.

Kelly enjoy your visit with the kids. I recently finished reading "Scarpetta" by Patricia Cornwell, didn't think it was as good as some of her older ones, so can't really reccomend it.

Trish, you really do work too much, its not good for you and will take its toll in some form, let up a little girl!

Marriane so glad Larry is up and about and hope he's good as new in no time flat!

Ah, Mary, what can I say but "enjoy"!

Ellen, how nice to have your family back home for a while, get caught up on everything you can, and will really like to see the Palace picture.

Janey, good for you on holding the weight down! Also hang on for a few more days and then just enjoy your time off by doing whatever strikes your fancy.

We had very icy roads here this morning, a little rain last night and low temps this morning caused quite a few accidents. Thank heavens the sun came out and hit what the salt trucks didn't. Still no snow, hope it holds through New Years Eve, will be much safer for everyone out driving.

December 29th, 2011, 05:00 PM
Mary, have a great cruise and enjoy to the max

Paula, what a great idea freezing the sweets. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to try that.

Dianne, I think my Bill had the same virus that you had a few days ago. It was not good for him at all for some 2 days. My jerk boss is what he is. I am lucky we got last Monday off as well as this Monday.

Kelly, I am sure next week when you start your new job, they will not have a problem you telling them you have a vacation coming up. Go and enjoy

Ellen, what a great thing for your daughter to have a portrait from the palace.

Trish, 2012 will be better and less crazy. We can only hope for better resolutions.

Janey, is it wine thirty yet?

Hello to everyone I missed. All the best for a healthy and happy New Year.


Mama Lapin
December 30th, 2011, 09:38 AM
Morning, Girls! I hope that you are enjoying this second-to-last day in 2011.

Sharon, I laughed out loud at the "give old people food" comment. At least she didn't send you a book of stamps; isn't that what they used to say was the perfect gift for the elderly. Of course, since the postal service is an endangered species, that may have changed.

Kathy, I love the quote at the bottom of your signature. I taught HS English for 36 years; wasn't Emerson a genius?

Oh.. Kelly... I love fondue! When I was in Switzerland, I had an authentic cheese fondue at a cute little cafe. I think it was meant to be shared, but I tried to eat the whole thing. It wasn't pretty. I couldn't look at cheese for at least a month.

So far I haven't found myself digging through the freezer for cookie and cakecicles. YAY! And the other advantage of freezing the treats, is if I have unexpected company, I can pull out a batch and I instantly look like Martha Stewart. (vs. Lucille Ball... haha)

Enjoy your day!

December 31st, 2011, 03:44 PM
Happy New Years girls!

Kelly-i haven't read much that was good since the Hunger Games trilogy-but i heard Sharon McCrumb has a new one out and i love all her books. The Songcatcher was my favorite. The new one is the Ballad of Tom Dooley. They are set in Appalachia.

Kathy--you posted at 5 pm --that is the heart of wine thirty...lol...

Sharon-congrats on going to zumba! that seems like one of the types of exercise i wouldn't hate...lol...maybe i should make that singular--oh, well, i do still love yoga, but don't do near as much as i should.

Ellen-glad you are having a lovely holiday season with your family.

Trish-2012 is going to be our year of miracles! think of you often and i keep you in my prayers.

mary-enjoyed your pics from south america. i know you are having the time of a lifetime.

Dianne-i am hearing ching, ching, ching...lol...

Paula-love you kiddo!

have a safe and wonderful evening everyone. we are off in a bit to a friends for homemade barbecue. then i am dropping a bunch of them off at the bar where my son's band is playing for a NYE bash. They have a free shuttle home-which is good as i cannot stay and be the designated driver like i normally would do. I have to be up at 5 am to work. But then i start my nine days off....sure looking forward to that!

January 1st, 2012, 09:50 AM
Happy New Year! I went to sleep at 11pm and woke up just before 8am. I needed some sleep! I guess we will be late service people at church today. We got DD off at the airport yesterday. It was a fun visit and her and DSIL will be home for the wedding in July. Oh, we both ordered our dresses for the wedding. Can't wait to see them come in.

Jane, I haven't read any of the Hunger Games. Since I didn't get to the library to update my card I wanted to make sure my book was worth paying for so I got World Without End by Ken Follet. It's 938 pages so I'll feel like I got my monies worth and I won't have to worry about having a due date on it.
Hope the BBQ was good and you enjoy your 9 days off.

Paula, lack of planning is meaning no fondue here today. When we get to church we'll find out if we are having small group tonight. We ate leftovers for an early dinner yesterday. We had popcorn with a movie last night. Oh, and we hot tubbed, no shooting stars. It was mostly cloudy but we did get a glimpse of the moon.

Kathy, my start date for work got changed to the 16th. They like to only do one orientation a month and I was the only person available on the 3rd. On the 16th they know they have at least 5 so I'll go then. I am kind of sad but it does give me more time to put away Christmas without making today and tomorrow rushed. I did let the HR person know about the vacation and she said it would not be a problem. YEAH!
I hope you have a nice day off tomorrow!

Sharon, I have been wanting lasagna so just send it over here! I do remember the give food idea and I remember my grandma always getting stationary and stamps. She wrote letters every morning so she went through a lot of paper and stamps.

We had rain overnight and now it is snowing, it's so pretty. Hopefully the roads won't be bad. I could sit and watch it snow all day, it's so relaxing. Probably because I know I won't have to shovel or snow blow it!
Hope everyone has a good day! I might stop back later!

January 1st, 2012, 09:22 PM
Happy New Year, my dear friends. Well I hope you are still my dear friends--I know I have been MIA for quite a good long time.

I was very sick with pneumonia and in the hospital twice. Then I had an allergic reaction to the flu shot my doc insisted that I have and ended back up in the hospital once again. Added to all of that we lost our biggest contract when it went out to bid--I can't believe somebody underbid us, we were barely breaking even. This entailed moving out of our 20,000 sf wareouse which was a huge task which we just accomplised Thursday afternoon. What a rough year.

Well it wasn't really all rough, we had our marvelouse trip to Italy, France, Greece, and Croatia, plus our wonderful ski trip to Switzerland last spring, along with trips to NCY and Puerto Rico and probably a bunch of other wonderful places that I don't even remember.

Now it turns out that I am also allergic to dairy, which is really the pits--I dearly love cheese. On the plus side, life without cheese, butter, sour cream and all of those other lovely dairy products should make it a bit easier for me to become slim and gorgeous for my big 50 celerations next fall.

I really am feeling well enough to start thinking about getting my self back in shape and that is a very good thing. For so long, I honestly just didn't care.

So, here I am sending the very best wishes to you all for a wonderful 2012.

All the best, Punki

January 1st, 2012, 09:36 PM
Im soooooo happy you are back Punki !!!!! I totally missed you ! I am so sorry to hear about all of your illnesses in addition to the pneumonia. I am also sorry to hear about the contract loss. Maybe this is a sign that it really is a good time for you to start having more time for you and Joe.

Hugs and Happy New Year everyone . What a great way to start the year with your return Punki:D

January 2nd, 2012, 08:20 AM
Good Morning! it seems I've been stopping by more at coffee time than wine-thirty. That will probably change when I start working.

Punki, Welcome Back! I'm so glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Sorry about the work situation. Our area is starting to bounce back because the local ship builder got a big government contract. I think it will continue to be slow for most of the country. Are you allergic to the lactose or something else in the milk. My mom was severely allergic to the lactose and learned to watch everything. It was even in some jelly beans. She did like the lactaid milk and some of their cheeses for a treat she would have breyers lactose free ice cream.

Not much excitement here, some hamster wheel stuff, might go and visit with a friend today. We are supposed to have a high of 20! BBRRRR!

January 2nd, 2012, 10:34 AM
Happy 2012 Girly-Girls!

Been away from this site for quite sometime - been caught up in other places but this is a very special place. So, hello to old friends and new! Punki good to see your post - I was worried about you. I will spare you the “when a door closes a window opens” speech but I do believe everything happens for a reason!

Spent Christmas at home in FL then on the 26th got on an airplane to go up north. The plan was to see Vermont - stay at a lovely Inn and attempt to strap on skis for the first time in some 20 or 25 years....or so. Yeegads. Mother Nature saw to no skiing for us with a freakish condition of no - NO! snow in Vermont this December. Then it rained for good measure. Another time, another place we'll give it a go. It was still a charming state to visit - our Inn was not quite all it was cracked up to be. Actually TripAdvisor let me down for the first time ever. This place had glowing reviews - I do not know what these people were on when they were writing this stuff. The place was OK but not over the top. humph. We definitely made the best of it. Our fav restaurant up there is named "The Perfect Wife" (aren't we all!?). Best run restaurant I've ever been in. Second night they greeted us by name!!!! Then down to CT to see my folks. God it's strange seeing your parents grow old. Not seeing them too often I have a picture in my mind's eye - not what they look like now. They are doing exceptionally well - they are getting slower but still have spunk!! Typical flight home last night with at least one baby crying the whole 3 hours, gate to gate symphony. This is what earbuds are made for. Listened with my eyes closed to a CD I haven't heard for awhile. Bliss - permission to do nothing at all.

I wish y'all health wealth and happiness where ever you may find it this New Year.

January 2nd, 2012, 02:04 PM
Thanks to all of you for welcoming my return. I will need you guys to get me back on track. While it was wonderful to learn that I perfectly happy with my own company, books and computer games, it is also important to get back into the world, back into shape, and busy once again. Heck I may even plan a cruise. ;)

Kelly, the milk-product thing for me is not lactose intolerance, but an allergy and the symptoms tend to be severe headaches, body aches, anemia, immune deficiency, and stuff like that, not the gut stuff that goes along with lactose intolerance. I see the allergist later in the month and will hopefully learn more then.

Sorry you didn't get to ski, D. Coincidentally, Joe and I were talking about my getting back into skiing just last night. Since this is the year that I need to make 100% effort to get myself in shape for my 50th, it will be a great time to work on my leg strength and give skiing a try next year, or maybe even later in the spring if I am up to it.

We have already acquired one new client which gave us a big check at the end of the year. Of course, we have to hold it in trust until they give us work, but it feels good to know the money is there. We didn't really make all that much money on the old contract after all was said and done, and I don't know how anybody who underbid us can make any money at all, but still, we had had that contract for about 15years. We will still be working with the company, but just not doing that particular element of the work.

Well, I should get my lazy self going. Joe went into the office to catch up on some stuff before his big ski trip to Switzerland next weekend, and I need to go to Fred Meyer (my favorite overall shopping haunt) and make up the bed in the guest room for Joe's cousin who will be spending the night tonight.

Wishing you all the best, Punki

January 2nd, 2012, 04:13 PM
Well hello my dear friends and Happy New Year! It's so good to catch up with all of you!
DH is doing OK. The best news was that the enlarged lymph node was NOT cancer. He is having issues with fluid retention in the area where they did the incision. He has an appt. to see the dr. tomorrow and he'll relieve the pressure by taking out the fluid. I don't think there's any surgery that just goes as planned but he'll be fine eventually.
Punki, glad you are back. The wagon is here and has lots of room. Today was my first day back on it in weeks.
Sharon, I'm going to zumba tonight. I missed it the week we cruised in December and it was really hard the first couple days back.
Kelly, I can imagine you were disappointed not to start the job since you were probably mentally prepared. Glad they're OK with your cruise plans.
Amy, how's your di*khead boss? Saw the gkids on FB. Was that your house where they were skating?
D, glad you're back here too. Too bad about the snow and the skiing but it could have been worse when you broke the leg. hahahaha
Paula, smart move to freeze the stuff. I have cheesecake in my freezer and only broke on Friday and ate some frozen then defrosted a piece. I'm over it now and back on track. Hope you're feeling good after your wild start to 2012. I'll let you share your story since you describe things so well.
Janey, didn't realize you had all that time off coming. Enjoy it. You work so hard and really deserve to relax.
Trish, speaking of that, girl, you need to relax a little. You are such a hard worker between your job and family. Hope 2012 is easier on you!
Kathy, hope the evil boss makes a resolution to be a nicer guy for 2012!! Sure makes going to work a drag when you have to work with a jerk!
Ellen, please post the pic of DD when you get it. So wonderful that her time in London is so exciting!
Mary, we miss you but sure hope you are having the time of your life.
I'm sure I've missed someone and please forgive me if I did.
Off to eat an early dinner and zumba. I really need to shrink again. We don't have any trips planned until the end of February so I'm on a mission!

Mama Lapin
January 2nd, 2012, 09:46 PM
Happy New Year, Girls....

I am still searching for the happy part: so far I am not too impressed with 2012. We set off for church yesterday morning and by the time we reached the door, I was in real pain. I figured it was just a fluke and went in to pray for a healing. (seemed appropriate to me...) By the time the priest was ready to deliver the homily, I was sneaking out the back door doubled over in pain. Because I am hard headed, I had to be begging for death before I would let Jack take me to the emergency room. But that happened at about 2. So I spent the entire first day of the new year in the hospital.... I have a kidney stone.... If you have never had one, I can tell you that it is the worst pain I have ever had in my entire life. (I had three kids doing natural childbirth, so I KNOW pain...) God bless the person who invented IV pain meds....Still am not sure that I passed the little thing, but I am much better today. Hmmmm.... And to add insult to injury, I didn't eat for 36 hours and managed to gain a pound. WTH??? Life can be totally unfair sometimes.

Anyway..... I missed my shift in the planetarium this afternoon, so the universe is safe for another day. I am sure that the astronomer is happy about that since I manage to break things and today was expected to be very busy.

Well, it looks like the old gang is together once more and that is a nice way to begin 2012. I have no doubt that we will continue to support each other as we have for so long. And that is pretty great.

I hope that you all had a better start to this new year and I wish you good health and happiness in 2012. If we have that, we are rich indeed, right?


January 3rd, 2012, 07:12 AM
Whew! I officially call for a "Do-over" MamaL - your year only has up to go from there. Read up on those little buggers - there are times of the year they are more prevalent than others. My DH used to get em. We'd only lived in Florida a couple months when he got his first and we met our Doc for the first time. I only knew one person well and she had a friend who was married to a Doc (talk about a strange referral) - we wound up with that guy's partner and have been with him ever since. We both have boys in the same year of college now and trade war stories about young men who stay up all night and try to sleep all day. Imagine that.:eek:

Still unpacking and scaling Mt. Laundry but I do believe I will see the daylight today.

later Chickie-pies


January 3rd, 2012, 09:42 AM
Happy New Year everyone and welcome back Punki!!!!

Oh Sis, so sorry to hear about your attack, I want a do over too! Yes, I am on a great cruise, but came down with some sort of stomach bug on NYE and was in such pain for two days. The good news is, I lost weight! Put on some shorts this morning and they definitely were a lot looser than the other day when I had them on.

Kelly, looks like you get to stay home a little longer before joining the ranks of the employed.

Janey, 9 days off and you didn't plan a cruise? Oh, my! sometimes it is nice to just hang close to home and rest. I hope you enjoy your time off, you certainly deserve it.

We are having a great cruise, one of the nice things about takiing longer cruises, if you wind up sick for a couple of days, you still have several days left in your cruise. This is a wonderful small ship with and exceptional staff. Even though I was recovering yesterday, we did manage to attend the Chef's Table last night. The food and drinks were very good but I probably have had my fill of the event. The passengers also on this ship are very friendly, with the exception of one passenger at check in having an issue, everyone we meet is very friendly.

Ok, I'm going to head over to Facebook and post some more pictures soon. We decided not to tender ashore today in Boca daValeria, or Boca Raton as Carl calls it. It's a very hot, still day and we are just as happy spending the time on the ship. I'll be back later to post the link to my pictures for those of you not on Facebook yet that would like to see them.

Later! Mary

January 3rd, 2012, 01:09 PM
Paula, I am so sorry that 2012 is not starting out good for you. I have had them in the past and I know exactly what you went through. I hope you are feeling better.

Mary, I am glad you are having a good cruise and that you are feeling better. There is nothing worse than to be sick while on vacation.

Kelly, it is good that you have some more time in January to get ready to start. Enjoy

Marianne, I hope your DH is doing better today and that the Dr will give him some relief. It would be nice if Jerk was that way, but he suffers from the little big man syndrome.

Punki, welcome back. We were all praying for you to have a speedy recovery. I hope 2012 will be a better year for all of us.

D, I hope you get through Mt. Laundry and have time to enjoy and have some me time.

Janey, I had to laugh at you post. We all have seen those signs, it is 5 o'clock someplace. Well we should come up with a sign, it is wine thirty someplace. If you make a success of it, just remember you heard it here first. lol

Sharon, I hope Zumba went well for you. It should feel good to be back into the swing of things once again.

I am sorry if I have missed anyone, but I hope 2012 is a good year for us all. It feels so good to have such a nice bunch of friends to turn to . All the best,


Sea Fan
January 3rd, 2012, 01:32 PM
Didn't want anyone to think I had forgot them, good to see you all survived New years. We ate to much in Las Vegas, so now I have even more weight to lose and sadly red wine gives me hot flashes....not bad enough to make me quit though.

I have to go see Mom but will check back in tonight.


January 3rd, 2012, 01:37 PM
Didn't want anyone to think I had forgot them, good to see you all survived New years. We ate to much in Las Vegas, so now I have even more weight to lose and sadly red wine gives me hot flashes....not bad enough to make me quit though.

I have to go see Mom but will check back in tonight.


Dianne, I did not know you went to LAS. It sounds like you had a good time. We went there over Thanksgiving and we saw Menopause. I laughed so hard I was crying.


January 3rd, 2012, 01:42 PM
I guess today must officially be "Get your act together and get back on the wagon" day, so I am taking myself off to the gym and will do the best I can do, whatever that is, after this long illness. I was drooling last night watching the guys eat my amazing lasagna, dripping with three kinds of cheese, while I ate salad. I love salad, but seriously. Oh well I just have to keep thinking of my upcoming skinny body in my sexy red dress. :)

Mary, I am so jealous of you being on a cruise, any cruise, but especially a long one. Can't wait to start traveling once again. I guess I didn't tell you that my Doc advised against our trip to New York to see our daughter for Christmas, so we just stayed home with our son and my niece, and all the grands and great-grands. That really makes me feel old.

Sorry, Paula, about your starting the year off in the hospital. I had thought that my accountant also had kidney stone surgery over the holiday, but it turned out that it was her appendix. I am sure none of it is any fun.

Thank you all for still being here to help me. God knows I am going to need help.

Catch you later, Punki

January 3rd, 2012, 04:07 PM
Just a quick stop in to say Happy New year to everyone, Punki, glad to see you back and both you and Paula on the mend.

I have already blown the diet, didn't eat a lot, just all the wrong things! Can't seem to get the resolve to look and feel better going again.

Mary I'll look for your pictures on FB.

January 3rd, 2012, 04:36 PM
Happy New Year Everyone!

We had a good time at the cabin. New Year’s Eve the community association had a skating party on the lake in front of our beach. I am on the Board and another member suddenly had to pick up a son so I was tasked with making hot chocolate for 100 cup thermos. We found great cups and hot chocolate mix that served up really well. It was a nice event with a couple of fire pits set on the lake and a few skating areas for hockey and free style. I thought it might be cancelled because it had been so warm all week, but the ice in our area is about 12 inches thick. For dinner we did beef tenderloin on the rotisserie and just roasted potatoes with turnip, carrots and tomatoes topped with cheese and dill. It was easy and delicious. We all played the game clue (easy for the GK’s) and then headed to our soccer field for fireworks at 9:30pm. The kids enjoyed it so much – they did a great job with about 25 minutes of steady fireworks. It was a nice New Year’s Eve and I am so looking forward to 2012. We had to pack up New Year’s Day to come home for work Monday. DH seems to be starting off 2012 with his workaholic mindset… he is not going to be happy when he finds himself alone on that limb.:mad: I will need your support ladies.

Anyway, I am trying to tie up the loose ends from last year so I can move on. I have a serious plan to get in shape this year. I know you guys have room on that wagon.

Punki, so glad to see you back here; we were all worried and so sorry to hear about your health challenges. No dairy will be a very difficult challenge, but you will look great in that sexy dress.;)

Mary, I hope you are done with that bug and able to enjoy that fabulous cruise. It is so great to hear from you and all the cruise details.

Paula, I hope you are feeling better and that this is the worst that 2012 brings you. You make me laugh when you mention Lucy or Martha – a picture just pops in my head. I am sure they love you at your job. I cannot believe you packed up all your Christmas stuff – I have two houses to take apart. :eek:

Kelly, I hope you get to enjoy your extra time before starting work – knowing that you have the job should make that easy.

Sharon, the food you received sounded really good. My family just comes and eats me out of house and cabin… I guess it means they like my cooking.

Kathy – I know it is hard working with a jerk boss – it is even harder when it is your husband!:rolleyes:

Amy, thinking of you.

Janey it so good to hear from you and like wise I think of you often. I appreciate your keeping me in your prayers – I need all the help I can get. Enjoy your time off!

Marianne, so good to hear there was no cancer found for DH. Make sure they look after everything now and get it right the first time.
Remember DH went o the trip to the mill in Iowa last year after his appendix burst? He has to go back in Feb 16th because the internal stitches have not held. We can all say it together now “I told you so”. Men.

Dee, always good to hear from you. It was too bad they did not have snow for skiing in Vermont. We have so much snow in the mountains, yet the weather has not been that bad. Doesn’t it seem like there is so much more work coming back from a trip then getting ready for one?

Dianne, were you in Vegas for New Years? That must have been fun. There is lots of room on the wagon, sounds like we are all singing the same tune.

Ellen, it sounds like you have been busy but in a good way. What a fantastic experience your DD has had.

Jan, how was your New Years?

Sorry to go on for so long – just trying to catch up. Hoping 2012 keeps all of us in good health with peaceful times and lots of laughter. :D


January 3rd, 2012, 06:38 PM
AAHHH! Wine-thirty! had zuppa tuscana for dinner, just finishing up my wine and desert. It is so nice to see almost everyone back! Has anyone heard from Smooth? I see she is off fb and I haven't seen her around here. Hope all is well with you if your are reading.

I know I'm not going to get to everyone tonight but I'm thinking of you all just the same!

Trish, you know we are here for venting or just to laugh with. Your dinner sounded really good! I've been craving steak, sadly it's been to cold & windy to grill and we really only have one restaurant with decent steaks and they are a little pricey for everyday and we were just there. I love roasted vegetables. One of my favorites is roasted brussel sprouts, so yummy.

Sharon, you haven't blown it, just start again tomorrow. Or don't wait any longer and start right now. From this moment on you'll make good choices. If you miss again then you start again. I heard that it's not how many times we fall but how many times we get up that counts!

Punki, hopefully the dr will be able to give you some guidance on dairy. I've heard of people becoming allergic to it suddenly. My DD's have been like that with some foods. They have both become really sick from nuts.

Paula, I downloaded the Google Sky app on my phone so I'll be able to keep up on any happenings in the sky! Now don't go messing with me, lol. I do hope the stone has passed. I have a friend that has had them and she said they are not fun.

Ok, like I said, I can't get to everyone today. The hot tub is calling my name! I'll be wearing a hat tonight to keep the ears warm!

Mama Lapin
January 3rd, 2012, 10:45 PM
Kelly, the best place to sky gaze is from the hot tub. That's where I do my planetarium practice. hahaha...Of course, I call him "Mr. Orion and his cute little belt." Actually, if you can find Orion, high in the Southern sky, you can find everything else... It is all clustered in one area.... the red star Aldebaran (the eye of Taurus, the bull), Castor and Pollux (the Gemini twins), the bright star Sirius. The Pleiades and the Orion nebula. Once you start looking, it isn't hard to identify things. And you should be able to see Jupiter as well... It is bright and doesn't twinkle like the stars do. Yay! I am glad that you are enjoying it.

Ah, yes, the kidney stone... Thanks for the sympathy. Holey Moley was that painful! I think that little bugger is still floating around in there somewhere because I can feel it from time to time. If I can catch it, I am going to donate it to the mineral gallery at the museum... LOL... Of course, if it is sparkly, I may consider having it mounted in a ring.

O.K. tomorrow is on-the-wagon day..I tried today. I really, really tried, but I managed to eat a frozen brownie and two frozen oatmeal raisin cookies. So much for the "freeze the treats so you don't eat them" theory. Sigh. I go back to work tomorrow, so maybe that will keep me legit. God knows, I walk a ton in that place.

And speaking of work... We are going to hold you to that resolution, Trish... seriously.

Hope that you are all well...

Sea Fan
January 4th, 2012, 11:57 AM
Good Morning All it's so great to see so much activity here.

Kathy, Las Vegas was a really good time but way to short. We were supposed to come home today but workaholic DH just had to be at work on Monday....what is it with men?
I haven't seen the menopause show but I have heard such great things about it.

Trish, your NYE just sounded lovely! You don't get to relax often enough but when you do you do a good job of it:D So your DH has to have his stitches redone in February...has he learned his lesson, will he take it easy this time? You may have to hog tie that boy!

Paula, did you know all this stuff about the stars before you went to work at the museum? You just amaze me!

Kelly, yummy yummy dinner, so are you looking forward to the new job.I'm so glad there was no issue with your vacation time.

Sharon, it's so hard to get into the I'm going to eat healthier with smaller portions routine. I have so many triggers, I need to think of food as fuel instead of a treat. BUT I do enjoy my treats!! So how do I change my brain???

Amy...where are you girl? I know the Hawaii thread,LOL I can't blame you.

Punki, Hi you have sure been through it! So sorry about the no dairy, it would be tough but if you feel better not eating it then it's worth it. Was it making you very sick? Silly question ,I'm sure it was.
Also I'm so sorry the economy has hit your company, who knows you may get the big contract back. If the other company underbid by so much can they really do a good job?

Mary I am also enjoying your pictures on FB, it looks like a fabulous trip!

Dee, Hows your son and his sleeping issues,still wanting to stay up all night?

Janey, How's your son's band doing? Do they slow up playing in the winter or just keep busy? I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was watching them. Your son is very talented and the lead singer was so much fun. I'm sitting here smiling thinking of "THAT" Friday night!!

Marianne, soon as I get off here I'm going to find a Zumba class you are such an inspiration too me! How is Larry doing today?

Today I'm working on my home, with so much of my mothers stuff here I look like a hoarder....time to get rid of a bunch of it!

Have a great day,


January 4th, 2012, 12:19 PM
Dianne Im working my butt off over there girl I try to read here at least beginning of I wish we were on the same one

Sea Fan
January 4th, 2012, 12:26 PM
LOL Amy, I know your are, I hope they appreciate all the hard work you are putting in organizing that trip. You are going to make it so fun on sea days....just remember to relax!:D


January 4th, 2012, 12:43 PM
Dod's dod's dod's :d

January 4th, 2012, 02:05 PM
Fourth Day of the New Year and I still have not found that wagon stop. Been eating better - much healthier only by default since the cupboard is bare of all the holiday treats. I did make one more batch of molasses sugar cookies when I was up in CT for my family up there. They all proclaimed them good but each of us seem to remember my Grandmother's recipe differently. We all agree chewy in the middle and crispy edges but there is quite some dispute as to what they looked like (dark! no, light with sugar!) but we devoured 3 dozen cookies in no time flat. My advice is, if your family really enjoys some recipe you make - just give it to them! My Grandmother would say just follow the back of the bottle....... I have been trying to duplicate those freakin cookies for many years and IMHO this recipe was the closest.

Yes Sonnyboy is still trying to keep his vampire hours. Annoys the heck out of me especially when my Mother gives me a hard time about "allowing" this and then when we were up there, she was playing the Grandma Card siding with him that he a big boy and should be allowed to do his own thing. Little wonder I can't give up red wine for any diet any time soon! I love him to pieces but the gray hairs are just springing from my head....

OK - time to do more wash (like who lives here?!) and dream of far away places. That's the first stage of travel you know - dreaming it.

later my lovelies,

January 4th, 2012, 05:35 PM
Dee, good saying, about the first stage of a vacation is dreaming of it first.

Trish, you gave me a good laugh about having to work for a jerk boos, being your husband. But not so funny for you.

Dianne, what's wrong with these men, hurrying to end a vacation just to go back to work.

Paula, I am impressed you know so much about the stars. I remember you used to hear a lot of advertising about getting a star named just for you. I haven't heard that pitch in a long time.

I hope everyone is having a nice day. Enjoy and keep smiling.


January 4th, 2012, 07:06 PM
Wine-thirty! such a nice time of the day!
D, I love molasses cookies! I haven't made them in a long time. I'm confused on yours, are they supposed to be dark or not? it's probably the wine I'm drinking, lol. On DS still keeping late hours. Both of my girls were like that in high school. They were both here last week and we laughed because now they both go to sleep at 9:30pm. Even I stay up later.

Paula, WOW! you have lots of star knowledge! I'll have to keep using my phone app. Do you allow yourself any snacks or are you going cold turkey? I eat them (and wine) but try to keep my calories in check. I tried cutting them all out and it just makes me want them more. I'm curious as to what everyone does. I have friends doing south beach and it seems so restrictive to me. I like portion control and nothing is off limits.

Dianne, I am excited to start working! I liked everyone there when I did my placement so it won't be like I'm going somewhere and don't have a clue what anyone is like or what's expected of me. If you thought last nights dinner was yummy check tonights. I was to lazy to do a calorie analysis on my own so I used one from the mfp database that I thought would be close. I'm glad I had help going through my moms stuff. I like what Peter Walsh says " Items stored in a trash bag in the attic aren’t collections. If you truly treasure those items display them proudly and properly in your home, otherwise get rid of them." That helped me decide on what I would keep and not keep.

That is making me think about the paper I had to write for the volunteer project. I took the advice of my meno friends and wrote it on the weekends cleaning out my moms house. I started it like I was helping out a friend and then said it was my family home and I was helping my sisters. I used the line that I think Paula said "charity starts at home". I got an A! Actually it was an easy class and I got an A for the class. I don't know how some people got lower grades. Most of the homework you could really write life stuff and she was happy with it. So thank you all for the encouragement!

Amy, are you looking forward to a DOD?! I forget, when is your cruise? I'm sure not soon enough.

Ok, alittle more surfing then it's movie time (the Debt). I shampooed my hair today so I'm avoiding the hot tub. Have a good night!

January 4th, 2012, 09:42 PM
OK Ladies I'm passing this one on to use at your own risk. I used Brier Rabbit Molasses for a medium dark sugary cookie.

Molasses Sugar Cookies

Note: Make sure to CHILL the dough. I made the recipe in the morning then chill and baked them in the afternoon. (recipe from Foodie Plus Four Blog via Newtown Patch)

• 3/4 cup unsalted butter (omit salt if using salted butter)
• 1 1/4 cup sugar, divided
• 1/4 cup molasses
• 1 egg
• 2 teaspoons baking soda
• 2 cups flour
• 1 teaspoon ground cloves
• 1 teaspoon cinnamon
• 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Grease cookie sheets.
2. Melt butter; let cool in a large mixing bowl.
3. When butter is cool, add 1 cup of sugar, the molasses and the egg. Beat well.
4. Sift together dry ingredients and add to the wet mixture. Mix well.
5. Chill dough at least an hour.
6. Roll dough into 1-inch balls and roll in remaining sugar. Place on prepared cookie sheets. ( I like parchment instead of greasing the sheet)
7. Bake 8–10 minutes. The cookies should be crisp on the edges but still soft in the middle. Let cool 1–2 minutes before removing to cooling rack.
8. Makes approximately 3 dozen cookies.

(gone in an instant!:cool:)

January 4th, 2012, 09:50 PM
D- I cant stad reading about these cookies Molasses my absolute FAV and I have been on the danged wagon for four days now... you might break me I might have to go out and get some Archways.

Kel I cruise on April 13th and since Im the group leader its really starting to step up. oh yes I do need a DOD.... Im sure you agree with me nothing is better then stepping on board and having them hand you your first DOD... ahhhhhh

Im at 99 days and counting gotta get back over there now and work on our pre cruise dinner stuff

Happy Hump Day Ladies

January 5th, 2012, 03:37 AM
The good news: I have been to the gym two days in a row, doing light, but fairly serious work outs, and have suffered no negative repercussions. I am taking it very slowly, under doctor's orders, but it still feels very good to move my body. We are even thinking of going dancing Friday night, before Joe takes off to ski in Switzerland.

My eating has been so/so. I am still trying to figure out this dairy-free business and am still having a hard time skipping wine thirty. ;)

The bad news: One of my son's old girlfriends died of a brain aneurysm. She was such an lovely and accomplished young woman and it was so sudden. It has been very hard on him. It is so hard for young people to deal with learning how to lose friends. Of course at my age, friends, even old classmates die frequently, and we become accustomed to loss and brutally aware of how fleeting life really is.

It is good to be working my way back into the real world and the plan is to force myself to go to the gym every week day--no matter what, before I go to work. Beyond that I find myself able to do more around the house as well. You have to realize that for a long time even something as simplel as taking a shower was often more than I could handle--I got pretty stinky sometimes. ;)

Where is Smooth? I even noticed that she defriended me on Facebook. I sure hope I didn't inadvertently do anything to offend her. Let me know if any of you see or hear from her.

OK, time for me to try to get back to sleep if I am going to be functional tomorrow.

Night, night! Punki

January 5th, 2012, 07:13 AM
she unfriend me too Punki but I wasnt gonna mention it...

I also have just gotten back to the gym wanna lose 12lbs by April Hawaii cruise time

How sad for your son, that happened when I was a teenager and then also a client that I knew with five kids also she laid down to take a nap and same thing so sad

dd is here with grand dog gotta run

January 5th, 2012, 09:29 AM
Good morning all my dear meno friends. Good new on the DH. The incision has finally stabelized and is no longer swelling with fluid so now it's just a slow healing process. I can't believe he was talking of going to the gym this morning. I know he's anxious to get back to his routine but he doesn't need a set back.
Trish, I don't need to mention this to you since you know the drill. My DH is also a workaholic. Has been talking about retirement since he's 53 and now at almost 67, don't see it remotely in sight. No problem here. If he retires, I'd have to work more to escape. LOL Also, my health insurance would go from $400 a month to $1,700 a month!! :eek: You NYE sound like great fun even if you had to make a VAT of hot chocolate!
Punki, I can imagine it's hard to get off dairy totally. Thank goodness there's none in wine. ;)
Dianne, eventually you'll get all the stuff sorted. I kind of took that advice that if I wouldn't display it, I'd get rid of it. Fortunately our church was having a huge flea market and was begging for stuff so anything silver that needed polishing, went to a good cause. Wish we could go to zumba together. We'd have some great laughs. Love the group I take the class with.
Kelly, I cannot imagine going in any kind of water in the cold. I guess I'm a true Floridian. These last 2 days of cool temps has me bundled up but DH and I still managed to get out at 6 a.m. for our morning walk.
Amy, your trip is going to be amazing and worth all the effort you are putting into it. I always offer to make the nametags for the CC Meet and Greet because it keeps me enthused and helps me learn the names.
Kathy, what kind of work do you do? Is your boss a doctor? They can be jerks too. LOL
D, eventually when DS goes on his own, you won't care about his hours. My DH calls my son at 11 a.m. and gets upset when he knows he woke him up. I just accept it now and don't call before noon. As long as he's not under my roof and I'm not footing the bills, it's all good. Eventually you'll hit this point but that doesn't mean the little bugger won't still tick you off in other ways. hahaha DS insisted I bought him a LaCoste shirt on sale because of the coral color. OK, it was on sale but so were all the other colors. I did return it and got him the boring navy blue he wanted. BTW, the navy with the big gator was $5 cheaper. Joke on him.
Paula, you are one sharp cookie to get all those stars down pat. I hate memorizing stuff. Thank goodness subbing doesn't require that although I do have all the smart boards and electronic stuff down pat and when I'm not sure, I can always ask the kids because they are so electronic savy.
I think Smooth has removed herself from this thread and all of us as FB friends. Guess she's going a different direction.
OK, off to a sad event. The 49 year old realtor that my DS and I have used for the past 2 years died suddenly in his sleep early New Year's Day. It was a husband/wife team. They were a fun couple and the wife is devastated. She emailed me yesterday so I'm going to the funeral. Life is short so we have to enjoy it while we can.

January 5th, 2012, 02:44 PM
Marianne, my boss is the owner of a local sports shop here in town and also has a national sports business he works out of St Louis, MO. This business was started by his father who just passed away this past Saturday. My boss suffers from the little man's syndrome. As he is small in stature but acts like he is 10 feet tall.

Dee, thank you for posting the recipe. I will have to give it a go.

I went to the CVS Minute Clinic close to where we live and found out yesterday that I was running 102 temp. So the nurse gave me some antibiotics and hopefully in a few days I can start to feel better.

I hope everyone is having a nice day, hugs to everyone.


January 5th, 2012, 06:50 PM
Hello! I'm saving wine-thirty for the hot tub tonight since it is a nice night out. I'll be on the lookout for stars since it's a clear night but that moon is getting pretty bright. I really need to make some darker curtains for my bedroom. I think then I'll sleep better during the full moon time.

Kathy, I hope you start to feel better. Your boss sounds like the little dog that thinks he's big. I was just talking with someone about her sisters dogs yesterday. Little chiuauas that think they are pit bulls is how she described them.

Marianne, hopefully DH won't overdue it on the exercise. It's good to take the time to heal. How sad about the realtor and Punki's loss to. If it would have been summer we might have tried a garage sale at my moms but we just wanted to get it cleaned out so a lot of stuff went to St Vincents. We are going to clean out here in the spring and I don't care where it goes as long as it's gone.

Amy, it is so hard to lose when it's under 20 lbs. I just got a book from the library called The New Rules of Lifting for Women. I'm thinking building more muscle and backing off the cardio might be good. I am really not liking running lately. Actually I've never loved, never got the runners high.

Punki, how sad for your son. Even though they weren't together now it's still a shock to lose someone so young. My sister had a brain aneuryism but they caught it. It really puts my problems in perspective when I hear about what other people are dealing with.

D, I am going to try those cookies next week! It's my last week off so I've got a list! Gnocchi from scratch is the other thing I want to make.

I found out I'll be working 7-3:30 four days/week. I'm wondering if I'm going to get up super early to exercise or if I'm going to learn how to do it later in the day. Right now I'm thinking later in the day, eat dinner, hot tub, shower and not have to get up at the butt crack of dawn. It's going to be an adjustment but I'm looking forward to it!

I'm off to check a few more sites then I'm out to star gaze!

Mama Lapin
January 5th, 2012, 07:49 PM
Evening, Girls....

I am back at work and man what an adjustment it has been. As you well know, I am not a science teacher, so learning these programs to teach them has been tedious and hard. I am convinced that I didn't learn most of this stuff when I was in school or if I did, they called it something else. (or I forgot it... yeah, that's probably it...) I have to teach Plate Tectonics a couple of weeks for now. Uh huh, I don't know all the terminology either, so I have to learn it. A gal told me today that they called in Continental Drift back in our day. Dang.. I feel old (and dumb), but the challenge has been interesting. I guess if I am not working out the old bod at least I am working out the old mind.

You have to point out all of these things in the sky when you do the live show in the planetarium.... and it changes every time you go in there because the earth is moving and everything is at a different position at different times.... Plus, the computer hates me, remember? You wonder why the place gives me the beegeebies?... So you can't memorize it, Marianne.... Wish I could.

Punki....Glad that you are feeling better. I guess it has to be hard to give up dairy. It makes you wonder what they put in our food, doesn't it? So many people are off of gluten and nuts and all kinds of stuff.... It is crazy. Take care.

Kelly... The job sounds great except for the being at work at 7 a.m. part. (Unlike Marianne, I am not an early morning person...) How long is your commute? At least you don't have to work 5 days a week. I know that you are going to enjoy it. Congrats!

Marianne... Tie DH to the chair if you have to, but don't let him overdo. Too bad he can't be a slug like "you-know-who." Trust me: if he retires, you, too, will be working in a science museum. ;)

Trish... It seems like lots of effort to create magical holiday moments. But when you are older, you will forget all of the hard work and focus on the memories. It sounds mighty wonderful to me. I do hope that you will take time to nuture yourself this year.

Amy... Hawaii will be here before you know it...Awesome!

Dianne... You will be in Hawaii, too, this spring, right? You are overdo a cruise, honey. Wish we could all tag along... Now would that be a rocking ship or what???

Dee... I refuse to make those cookies.... I am not to be trusted around them... Even treats in the freezer are not safe with me... lol... And BTW... Oldest son still has a rough time getting up, although the job requires it. But middle son sleeps late because he can. I can hardly wait to see what is going to happen when that baby arrives next month. He is in for a rude awakening.

Kathy... Sounds like it would be a fun place to work if the boss would cooperate... Geez. I worked for two short men and they were the worst.

I am back on the wagon, but just barely holding on. I need to work out and I need to burn off some of this belly fat. March will be here soon and the thought of putting on a swimsuit makes me break out in a cold sweat.

O.K. off to watch some mindless TV....

January 6th, 2012, 04:11 AM
Why am I always posting in the middle of the night? Well it's really only 1:00 a.m, but since I fall asleep early and then wake up after a couple of hours, if feels like the middle of the night.

I am still gaining ground healthwise and feeling almost normal once again. Yeah! It was so hard to be totally out of it for so long. This was my third day in a row at the gym. I am still doing light work outs, but it is such a joy to feel the blood pumping through my body once again. It is so sad that so many older people have never learned the joys and benefits of exercise

At this point I would really like to lose 30 pounds before September. How on earth did I ever get this fat? OK, I know, lying around and not getting any exercise for two months, but still, it is depressing.

Did I tell you that I decided to start collecting Social Security before they get the wild idea to make changes in the program for folks who haven't yet started. While I was filling in the forms I decided to back date it to last June. I got a phone call the next day to clarify my military service, and the day after that the money was in my account. Go figure. I was amazed, but I guess it is a lot easier if you are older and have already jumped through all of the hoops to start Medicare at 65, which you really almost have to do or else health insurance premiums become outrageous. So I am now officially on the public dole. ;) We will just invest the money as long as I am working. Who knows what the future will hold so it is good to save all of the shekles we can gather together.

Hopefully, everything is cool with smooth. I miss her a lot and am really concerned about her.

Marianne, you keep your hubby down until he is really well. You are right that you most certainly don't want any setbacks. All of my Florida sibs were also complaining about the cold today. You guys are such weather wimps. :) My mother used to wear a sweater and complain that she was freezing to death when she came to Seattle to stay for the summer. We laughed because we knew in truth that the reason she came was to get out of the Florida heat. Well OK, I will admit that we do sometimes wear parkas to watch the fire works on the 4th of July here in Seattle.

Thanks, Paula, for your concern. Yes it is hard to give up dairy, but fortunately my reaction is not anaphylactic like many of my other allergies, so if I really do want to have cheese fondue when I go to Switzerland, and am willing to endure the head and body aches that will follow, at least it won't kill me, well at least not right away. Is that a run-on sentence or what?

Oh Kelly, how lucky that they caught your sister's aneurysm early enough. They didn't even discover Christina's until mid-December and Docs said it was the largest they had ever seen so there wasn't much hope from that point on. Yes it is dsefinitely horrible to see bright, beautiful, young people with so much life still to live, die so young. Our son came back to work after the funeral, but just stayed for a few minutes and said he had to get away for a while and think. He is way too sensitive and has a hard time talking things out, like most men.

What kind of work will you be doing where you start at 7:30 a.m.? When I lazily dream of working at the Princess docks when I retire, the thought of having to be on site at God only know what time in the morning kind of sets me back. Of course, I can wear a hat on the dock, rain or shine, so I won't need to fuss with my hair before work. :D

Kathy, you made me laugh with your "Short Man" comment. I had a really short designer working for me for a while and he was so defensive that it was really hard to work with him. He ended up marrying a very tall, wealthy blonde. Go figue. What caused your elevated temp, or do they know?

Well I should try to get back to sleep so I can get up early and hit the gym one more time this week. Joe also wants me to go to Fred Meyer and see if I can find some Canadian maple syrup for him to take as a gift to our Swiss friends who just love it and can't buy it in Switzerland. My trips to our huge Fred Meyer tend to take a while so I need to start early in order to get all of that done and still make it into work at a reasonable hour.

Ciao, Punki

January 6th, 2012, 10:21 AM
It's a tad bit warmer in FL - but my mood has still been so funky. The full moon used to keep me more awake but I wear a sleep mask every night now and it really helps. I can still tell you when it's full and when it's waning - even if its totally covered in clouds night after night. A lunatic by anyone's definition.

Punki you're a smart girl to get in that gym and do what you can - a sure sign of taking control of your health if I ever saw it. I will sincerely try to follow your lead. We have a very nice smallish workout room in our development that I have not been taking advantage of. DH is religious about his workout and is an absolute dear-heart not to nag me - but I know he'd like to see me get moving too!

Anybody read the latest miracle supplement that Dr. Oz is talking about now? I saw in a magazine - African Mango. Supposed to help hot flashes too. Oddly (or not) his site talks about wanting to hear from folks who watched his show and went on the diet (!!) AND then also bashes it noting the studies were only done by supplement companies.....(ummm duh).

I guess I would try magic beans if I could find em. It never just "melts off" it has to be dieted, exercised - exorcised and fought on a daily basis.:mad:

OK off to start my day - got to go read legal mumbo for business that always puts me in a jolly mood (not!) but only fool signs without reading...

later my dears,

January 6th, 2012, 12:34 PM
Magic Beans! Wow I want some of those too. I love exercise, but if they would melt off pounds faster, they would make me crazy happy. ;)

Off to the gym, Punki

January 6th, 2012, 03:05 PM
Just a quicky, but couldn't pass it up, Paula although I'm always after my husband to not work so much, if he really retired, I'd find a science museum to work at too! Ha ha

Beautiful day here, going for a walk with my dog, she has been looking longingly out the window for the last hour waiting for me to take her. It has gotten so warm that the water in the bird bath has melted! Love this weather, so hoping it stays around.

Had Zumba yesterday, thing is with going once a week, you get sore muscles and by the time they are better you go again. I used to go 3 times a week but the instructor got a different job and now its not offered that often. I will try and find something else to keep me loosened up.

Hope everyone is enjoying this weather before we get hit with something winter like!

January 6th, 2012, 03:49 PM
Good afternoon ladies from off the coast of Sount America heading to Tobago!

I'm so sorry to hear about all the passings several of you have experienced already in this new year.

Today we spent the morning on Isle Royale, one of Devil's Islands. It was very interesting and was able to get some great pictures. I also attended the wine tasting this afternoon, it was free! so why not? I think it really is wine-thirty now so I'm going to head down to the casino for a glass and play a little slots.

Punki, glad to hear you are back at the gym, I know you are feeling better for it.

Take care everyone, have a great evening.


January 7th, 2012, 02:23 PM
I didnt specifically unfriend you guys on Facebook. I closed my account which I guess unfriended everyone on my account. Someone hijacked my sons Facebook account a while back and started to post as him.... I did not feel I wanted to see it so I closed my account, thats all.

I also felt like I just wanted to unhook from social networks for a while, but thank you for the concern. Everything is fine with me.

January 7th, 2012, 05:54 PM
Punki, I developed some kind of infection and just let it go so long until I could not take it anymore. I am still feeling like crap and hopefully soon I hope the antibiotics start working.

Kelly, he can be a real dog at times.

Paula, it can be a great place to work, and it is even more enjoyable when he is away. That is when I can get a lot of things done.

Mary, it sounds like you are enjoying your cruise.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.


January 7th, 2012, 09:15 PM
I didnt specifically unfriend you guys on Facebook. I closed my account which I guess unfriended everyone on my account. Someone hijacked my sons Facebook account a while back and started to post as him.... I did not feel I wanted to see it so I closed my account, thats all.

I also felt like I just wanted to unhook from social networks for a while, but thank you for the concern. Everything is fine with me.

Wow Smooth that is Unbelievable!

Sea Fan
January 7th, 2012, 09:32 PM
Amazing Smooth,

False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil. (http://www.quotationspage.com/quote/24203.html)

January 7th, 2012, 09:33 PM
D I went up the baking aisle tonight (to get FAT FREE pudding cups) and dang it the molasses mix was jumping off the shelf at me... I walked by it, but I really want to go back and get it...I cant stop thinking about those danged cookies....

Staying on the wagon pretty good got 14704 steps in so far today.

Kelly Ive been thinking about lifting too, but its my jelly belly that has to go, and go before April and the Hawaii Cruise.

Sharon we had all the dogs out walking today my two earlier and then I went for a super duper long one with DD and the Grand Dogs this afternoon.

Marianne one of the ladies on my roll call is making the tags for our crew too. We are up to 68 for our cocktail party and I think 38 for pre cruise dinner.. The other activities are really picking up too. Geesh I hope I still have time to be a slug on some of those Sea Days.

Dianne did you start packing yet? Well mental packing at least? So what do you think the air temps will be on the crossing in the beginning of April? Im having a hard time figuring that out.

D you could be shipping me up some of those magic beans too when you find them because I MUST put a stop to this weight nonesense now.

I was thinking of all my southern belles on here the other morning wondering if you were all frozen solid, D, Paula and Janey I knew Miss Mary was happy to be missing it.

Punki Guess What??????? WE ARE GETTING A TRADER JOES HERE IN THE SPRING !!!!!! Im so excited just because of all Ive heard from all of you about how awesome it is. There is also a rumor about a Wegmans

Well gotta run and listen to the rest of my girl Suze Orman...then back to Who Dat ball.

Have a good night ladies

January 8th, 2012, 10:16 AM
Smooth, come on!!!!! Why on earth would someone do that?

January 8th, 2012, 01:07 PM
Light bulb just went off....."Josh" did it.

Sea Fan
January 8th, 2012, 01:15 PM
Totally makes sense....alter ego? OR One in the same:cool:

January 9th, 2012, 08:54 AM
Good Morning! we were gone to visit my niece and family for the weekend. Had a good time. DD's BF got a new job and they did not have time to change their day care for today. DH went home with the dog and will come back for some play time and to pick me up.

Amy, my belly is the worst. I have skinny arms & legs but a belly that looks like I'm pg. I might not make real changes until after I take the certification test I need to take, probably in mid March. I have a lot of studying to do for the test. I'll still workout but probably not make a big change.

ok, it's play time! Maybe there will be wine-thirty when I get home!

January 10th, 2012, 12:08 PM
Good morning to all. I hope 2012 will be a good year for us all.

Dianne, the med's are starting to kick in. But I am still under the weather for the time being.

Sharon, how is the Zumba working out at the new place?

Kelly one more full week to relax and enjoy your time off.

Hello to everyone I missed, have a good day.


January 11th, 2012, 01:27 AM
Time to diet full force again!! I am thinking of restarting the UP day Down Day since it was sucessful for me last time. Of course it works best when accompanied by my double doses of exercise. Look out peri-meno metabolism!

Now all I need is encouragement from my friends!;)


January 11th, 2012, 06:55 AM
Sorry I have been out of it for a couple of days.

Saturday, when the guy came to hook up our Direct TV, he was wearing some scent that caused a horrible allergic reaction in me. I immediately developed a screaming headache and became quite nauseated. When I called the Consulting Nurse, she had me take my blood pressure and it was 187/106 so, of course, they had me go into the ER to make sure that it hadn't trigger a stroke. They gave me pain medication and monitored me until my BP dropped down to 136/70 and let me go home. Not a fun way to spend the day, especially the last day before Joe left for Switzerland to ski.

It appears that two things are happening in my old age. First, my BP is becoming a pretty accurate barometer of my level of pain and, second, I am becoming more and more sensitive to allergens of all types. It will be curious to see what the allergist has to say when I see him later this month.

Joe is off in Switzerland, having a ball skiing all day with our Swiss friend. As luck would have it, we got a new project that needs his expertise so at night (Swiss time) he gets to Skype with our staff, giving them direction. By the grace of God, 2012 is looking pretty good, workwise.

Do any of you Skype? I talked to Joe a bit on Skype for a bit last night and it is really pretty amazing to communicate face-to-face for free with anybody, anywhere in the world for FREE for as long as your hearts desire. I would imagine that it would be a absentee grandmothers favorite toy.

My kids have upgraded their iPhones to G4 and now have the ability to have face-to-face conversations on their phones. Technology is just amazing. We will probably be upgrading our phones here shortly.

Thanks for posting Smooth. I was concerned about you. Hope all is well.

Sorry you got a bug, Kathy. Being sick is the pits. I will pray for a quick and total recovery for you.

Good for you Ellen for being on top of your weight all of the time. Losing 5 or 10 pounds, or whatever tiny amount you have to lose, is a lot easier than losing 30. Ugh. You are so smart for always taking charge early on.

Mary, I am just too jealous of your extended trip. We really do need to achieve some sort of retirement that allows month-long cruises.

Kelly, at least you have skinny arms and legs, and just have one area on which you need to focus your energy, although belly fat can be tenacious. It seems like all of the magazine that I peruse as I wait in line at the grocery store have articles on getting rid of belly fat. Check them out. I wish you the best of luck.

Amy, you will love your new Trader Joes. Well at least I love mine, especially the Two Buck Chuck, which is really pretty decent wine, and is occasionaly really good wine.

We had another friend die this past week of cancer. He was only 66, which is way too young to die. He worked for the Chancery for over 30 years so his funeral will be held at the cathedral, where the parking is horrible. I am taking all of the single older women in my carpool, including one friend who is in her 90s and has a disable parking sticker--hurray for that. We give her a ride home from Church every Sunday, so I don't feel badly about using her parking sticker for the funeral. She is a very vivacious and spunky old lady who was actually a communications officer in the navy in WWII. I get a real kick out of her. Tomorrow night I will attend the rosary/vigil at a neighboring parish. The deceased and his parents and children all grew up and went to school in our parish, but have now moved over to the next hill.

I am currently listening to "The Sparrow". Has anyone else read it? It was recommended to me by my daughter and turning out to be very interesting. I am always happy to receive recommendations for good books if you have read anything really interesting lately.

Time to try to get a little more sleep.

Blessing on you all, Punki

January 11th, 2012, 10:48 AM
Punki, so sorry to hear you have lost another friend. Cancer does suck.

I've been reading the book New Rules of Lifting for Women. I don't agree with everything but I do agree with the idea that if we build more muscle it will increase our metabolism. I think the idea that we need to eat less and exercise more is flawed and it only slows down our metabolism and makes it harder to not only lose but maintain. The question I've been asking myself is "do I want to look skinny and have the scale say a low number and still have body fat or do I want to have less body fat and and weigh more on the scale because I have muscle?" I'm going to pick eat more, more muscle, weigh more. I'll let you know if it works.

Ok, I'm off to do some hamster wheel stuff!

January 11th, 2012, 11:22 AM
Kelly, I agree that watching the numbers on the scale does not work for me. I tend to do better when I concentrate on how my clothes feel and how I look in my undies. I look better toned. I may check into that book, I am definitely not toned at the moment. I was much more in shape about 9 months ago. The past few months have done me in.

January 13th, 2012, 12:46 AM
Where is everybody?

Please check in. I know I am the worst offender when it comes to going MIA, mea culpa, mea culpa, but we all really do need one another's encouragement to stay on the wagon through these next few crucial weeks.

Kelly, go for being buff. Who cares what the scale says as long as you look good, feel good and fit in you favorite clothes. After almost three months of being a vegetable I can tell you that there is nothing as good as being strong and active. In just that short time I grew new lumps on my thighs. Ugh. It is so nasty.

Ellen, I was looking at a picture of you today on FB and I can see that you practice what you preach. Your arms are very toned and look wonderful. I also see that you have first-class tickets booked across the pond in March. What are your departure and arrival points? What airline?

Joe wants to go back to Switzerland again in March for some more skiing but I won't go if I can't get first-class on Lufthansa. I have flown international first on United, British, Singapore, Malaysian, Air New Zealand and Lufthansa and Lufthansa has hands-down by far the best service and amenities--I am crazy about the caviar and iced vodka. Well I suppose if I really wanted to go somewhere, I would settle for business class, but I would surely be missing the caviar. :D

Kathy, how are you feeling? Don't let your bug get the best of you.

Marianne, what's happening in your life?

I am sorry that I got so far out of touch with everyone.

Time for me to get some sleep as I will be playing chauffeur for all of the single ladies attending the funeral tomorrow. We will be leaving an hour early as the parking, I am sure, will be insane. Following the funeral I need to scoot everybody back home and get into the office for payroll. The employees have to get paid on a regular basis. ;-) Fortunately, business has been really good and I am feeling very optimistic for 2012.

Off to sleep, Punki

January 13th, 2012, 09:43 AM
Hello all! I have been busy with the holidays, sick family and trying to cram a years worth of home chores into the month and a half that we are home. Sorry, but chatting with you guys got pushed aside. Ive been better at posting on FB than on here. I've missed you all!

Looking forward to catching up with everyone again!

January 13th, 2012, 11:40 AM
Punki, I am starting to feel a little better. Then we got about 10 inches of snow last night. Just cold and windy today. I am sorry to hear of your friends passing.

Tina, welcome back, how was your holiday?


Sea Fan
January 24th, 2012, 11:08 PM
Smooth just one question for you Why? We had been on the thread a long time together, you had a lot of friends here that would have supported you with what ever you wer going through.

I hope Danny and you can mend your relationship it sounds like it's going well now. At least you have him home!

March 30th, 2012, 10:56 AM
Just stumbled onto this forum. Love it! Well ladies I booked my next cruise 13 months out. Waited until 6months out to diet and exercise. Since January I have been eating around 1200 calories per day and burning around 1500 calories per week exercising and I am only down 10 lbs. had to get into a swimsuit last week-end and saw a reflection of my body in the glass and almost got sick. My cruise is less than two month away and I won't give up but menopause sucks!! Anyone have a miracle weight loss idea?

March 30th, 2012, 11:14 AM
Just stumbled onto this forum. Love it! Well ladies I booked my next cruise 13 months out. Waited until 6months out to diet and exercise. Since January I have been eating around 1200 calories per day and burning around 1500 calories per week exercising and I am only down 10 lbs. had to get into a swimsuit last week-end and saw a reflection of my body in the glass and almost got sick. My cruise is less than two month away and I won't give up but menopause sucks!! Anyone have a miracle weight loss idea?

May 15th, 2012, 10:36 AM
Just stumbled onto this forum. Love it! Well ladies I booked my next cruise 13 months out. Waited until 6months out to diet and exercise. Since January I have been eating around 1200 calories per day and burning around 1500 calories per week exercising and I am only down 10 lbs. had to get into a swimsuit last week-end and saw a reflection of my body in the glass and almost got sick. My cruise is less than two month away and I won't give up but menopause sucks!! Anyone have a miracle weight loss idea?

Me too. I think I posted or lurked on the other thread and now I see this again. It must be fate. I too procrastinated on my weight loss plans, so that on our last cruise in Feb we didn't even put on our swimsuits!. I waited until a few weeks ago to begin... DS gets married in 3 weeks:eek:.
Oh well, I am going to keep going1

June 13th, 2012, 06:52 PM
Hi everyone. I'm Bernadette from the Napa Valley. I have struggled with both my weight and menopause for some time now. Even at 62 years old, I still sweat a lot. Did hormones for awhile and that was great, but breast cancer runs in my family so now I am on over the counter stuff all of which does not work. So I continue to sweat. My greatest dissapointment about weight loss is I excercise and still go up and down by 10 pounds often. Here is what I do for excercise: I walk everyday at least 2 miles and often 3 to 4 miles. Then I ride a bike 10 to 30 miles a day. Then I teach line dancing once a week. So, as you can see my frustration. My biggest problem is I love food and consider myself a foodie. I have done the chefs table 3 times now on cruises. That is a highlight for me:p My next cruise is on the Emerald Princess from Quebec to Florida, Oct 26th. Next year I am booked for a TA on the new Royal Princess too. The ship is still being built in case you didn't know. Always glad to talk to fellow cruisers and meno ladies:)

Sea Fan
March 18th, 2013, 11:53 AM

March 18th, 2013, 09:31 PM

Back at ya girlfriend !!!!!

Sea Fan
April 4th, 2013, 02:33 PM
LOL I have know idea why I did that:o heh heh must have been the wine:eek::D! Hi my friend!:)

Lady Chew
April 4th, 2013, 04:05 PM
are we back?

April 4th, 2013, 08:55 PM
LOL I have know idea why I did that:o heh heh must have been the wine:eek::D! Hi my friend!:)

I know why you did it Dianne....because we ALL miss it here... it just isn't the same....don't you agree ? We were all so much more connected and bonded here.

Sea Fan
April 7th, 2013, 03:16 PM
Okay lets be back and see how it goes;) Yes Amy I do agree I have missed talking to so many friends here. I find myself coming to CC because I am a cruise addict and I miss it. I have been back reading the threads more and more and heck I have fallen way behind on the ship issues!

Mrs Chew how are are you? What have you been doing?

April 7th, 2013, 09:13 PM
My name is OrlandoD and I'm a cruise addict.....

Missed y'all!!!

:) D

April 7th, 2013, 09:13 PM

April 7th, 2013, 09:17 PM
Hello! I'll come back but not right now. I'm going to watch the season premier of Mad Men! But it will be good to be back home!

April 7th, 2013, 09:18 PM
Punki Im so sorry to read about your health and business issues. Hope that with the onset of Spring that both of them are on the mend. You are usually the lifeblood that keeps us going....and well.....we need you

April 7th, 2013, 09:19 PM
Well I certainly missed you all. I haven't been well and things have not been exactly peachy in my life so I could use some love and laughs. Don't know why I didn't turn to you.

April 7th, 2013, 09:30 PM
Punki Im so sorry to read that things have not been going well for you. Hope things turn around for you business and health wise now that Spring is just around the corner. Snap out of it girlfriend we all look forward to checking our notifications and seeing a post from you and now we are BACK and it sure feels good.

Sea Fan
April 7th, 2013, 09:53 PM
Well hi kids, hopefully between here and FB we can stay in touch. I figure if something is to private to put here we can always do a group email like Amy did.
I am also a cruising addict and I always seem to stop by here...was it habit or hope?

Punki I know it's been a rough time for you, I hope your strength is on it's way back.

Kelly someday I'm going to rent Mad Men and watch it start to finish!

Dee, Hi Ya!

Okay I know Amy has some great cruises planned, how about the rest of you? So what's been happening in your lives?:)

April 7th, 2013, 10:02 PM
Well hi kids, hopefully between here and FB we can stay in touch. I figure if something is to private to put here we can always do a group email like Amy did.
I am also a cruising addict and I always seem to stop by here...was it habit or hope?

Punki I know it's been a rough time for you, I hope your strength is on it's way back.

Kelly someday I'm going to rent Mad Men and watch it start to finish!

Dee, Hi Ya!

Okay I know Amy has some great cruises planned, how about the rest of you? So what's been happening in your lives?:)

I stop by a lot as well duhhh obviously... with my group cruise BUT I have to say some Im more careful here because they become cranky pants about FB which I think is only hurting CC by not accepting FB and partnering with them.

With us the update is the kids are in school full time now so we have them occasionally (next week three days) DD will be out of town for work. Since September our house has been empty at night which was nice at first, BUT.... we are getting too lazy sooooo we are considering taking on exchange students in the fall. They will be high school kids. I think it will be an adventure.

Just finished making a 16 bean soup with rice onions and chicken that Im gonna have for a couple of days this week. I am at the heaviest I have ever been gotta do something about it.

Watching the Country music awards shows and just loving it...Ill check in in the morning ! Welcome home CC chicks

April 8th, 2013, 06:25 AM
Good Morning! Spring has arrived in the North! I can hear the birds chirping this morning. I've seen robins and sandhill cranes, the snow is almost gone and of course with spring comes water in the basement time. I love my house except for this time of year. Hopefully it won't be bad. Some years are some aren't.

Dianne, I love Mad Med! This is going to be the last season so I'm a little sad. I'm also watching Top of the Lake on Sundance channel. It has Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men in it.

I can't wait to hear what's happening in everyones lives and start having some Meno Ladies time again! I have missed you all. FB is good for pics and who is traveling where but this really seemed like our home.

Ok, time to read some news and get ready for work!

April 8th, 2013, 07:20 AM
ooohh Kelly I will say a little prayer for you with that basement.. we suffered through that more times than I would like to mention devastatingly so, but I think we finally have it whipped (knock on wood) .

Cloudy gloomy morning here but at least that danged wind stopped that we had yesterday.

Im going to start wearing my pedometer maybe that will motivate me some, but I am having terrible problems with my foot, bunion I think have to get into the podiatrist. My Dr gave me Naproxan 500. Supposed to take it twice a day took it lastnight for the first time and it knocked my socks off for awhile. I got so drowsy I had to lay down for an hour or so.

K off to that wonderful little hell hole of mine.... not much has changed there.

So happy we are home again.:D

April 8th, 2013, 07:50 AM
are we back?

So it seems! Ok, I have not been on CC much since we stopped posting here and got so heavy into FB but I'm glad we're back! :)

I will try to remember to stop daily and see how everyone is.

Punki, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and finally getting over that nasty pneumonia.


April 8th, 2013, 07:53 AM
My name is OrlandoD and I'm a cruise addict.....

Missed y'all!!!

:) D

my name is mycruz and most of you know what I am! LOL!!! yes a cruise junkie just like the rest of you!

Mama Lapin
April 8th, 2013, 09:27 AM
OK... Testing this out...Evidentally, it has been so long that I even forgot my CC password. How do you get rid of the boxes at the bottom of the screen? Guess I have to learn my way around this site all over again.

Sea Fan
April 8th, 2013, 02:14 PM
OK... Testing this out...Evidently, it has been so long that I even forgot my CC password. How do you get rid of the boxes at the bottom of the screen? Guess I have to learn my way around this site all over again.

Good Morning my friend good to see you here. You will have to go up to "User CP" first one in the little yellow bar under the CC banner. Then edit your signature and don't forget to save.:)

Sea Fan
April 8th, 2013, 02:16 PM
my name is mycruz and most of you know what I am! LOL!!! yes a cruise junkie just like the rest of you!

Hey Mary, I have to remember we can't mention your job here....gotta remember these rules.

Good to see you!

April 8th, 2013, 02:42 PM
Back to where we all met! Just wanted to check in, be back later.

Sea Fan
April 8th, 2013, 03:01 PM
:D Hi Sharon!

April 9th, 2013, 08:11 PM
Wine-thirty! finally having a bit of sunshine. It's been cold & rainy most of the day with a forecast of whitestuff!

Well, this is going to be short. DD from MS called so I chatted it up with her. The weather there was hot today. I am so jealous!

Hope all the Maidens are doing good!

April 11th, 2013, 11:50 PM
Punki. We are coming to Seattle !!!!!

July 27,2014. Can't wait to meet you !!!!!


We are coming to FLL August 16, 2013.

April 12th, 2013, 12:08 AM
Same kind of weather here too. Cold and rain, more cold and rain, etc.

Bought some tomato plants at Home Depot today, normally $3.48 each on sale for $2.50 each. Of course will have to wait for warmer weather to plant them.

April 12th, 2013, 09:18 AM
Good Morning from Snow Country! I am so glad I'm off today. All the area schools are closed the sheriff has said some roads are impassable and the snow is still coming down. It started as freezing rain so it's a mess out there. Yes this is spring in the north!

Sharon, did you really only get rain? So lucky if you did! I can't wait to start planting but I know it won't be anytime soon.

Amy, how fun to have travel plans! I'm guessing the trip to Seattle is part of the Alaska cruise? I was tempted but we are doing one out of San Juan that February so there is no way Alaska would work.

Punki, hoping that everyday helps you to feel better!

Anyone have anything fun going on this weekend? I'll be watching the snow!

April 12th, 2013, 10:22 PM
Sharon I have been thinking all week about going to get plants since Lowes is advertising them. Im going to try some big container tomato plants this year. First year in five that the kids wont be here all summer, but the swing set is still here so I cant till up the yard again yet.

Kelly freezing rain nasty cold sleet dampness. Hilltowns have a little snow but its just so damn cold and damp and bone chilling.

Yes Seattle is part of Alaska. This is going to be soooo expensive I know that and although we already have August and February booked, we really don't spend much on anything else.... so I will save save save for it. Ahhhh for the love of a husband....

Well just got home from bowling and oh my aching bones....Im having this darn bunion issue which is also affecting my walk and Im feeling some pain up the leg... Dr gave me some naproxen but I only take one at night instead of the two a day.. HAVE to find time to call the podiatrist. Life is just sooo busy. I wear a gel spacer during the day and then some contraption at night but its starting to affect my inner big toenail skin pushing into the toenail so its almost a no win for me.

I know sorry I rambled but my foot is KILLING now after bowling.

Gotta get some rest.

Check in with you CC ladies in the morning.

Sea Fan
April 17th, 2013, 01:01 AM
Amy you are doing some cruising :) yup the Alaska cruise is expensive (excursions) but sooo worth it. You will never forget it! Yup I'm jealous! BTW Seattle is one of my favorite cities, so much too do and see.

Kelly snow... Still:eek: I hope you have a long lovely summer you so deserve it! I need to get back to MFP and very low carb....Hows the grandson?

Sharon I'm going to plant a garden this summer I need to get at it...shhh we are actually having some very warm weather.

I'm doing the normal routine, Grand kids, Elderly & food way to much food.

Back later.


April 17th, 2013, 07:09 AM
Diane I think you know I am not a particularly cold weather type person but Austin wants to do it so we will. A friend of mine has done a wonderful review from when he went there so I am trying to get more excited about snow !!!:eek: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1208096&highlight=tiggerman

If anyone has some free time its worth the read. We will plan to spend I think two or three days in Seattle

I would like to plant a garden again too, but think I will only commit to some potted tomatoes for this year.

Im with the rest of you being sick of the cold and snow and wind.... Just get warm already will ya?

PUNKI ???? Where are you ???? Please come back !!!

Gotta get ready to go back to daytime hell. Check in later CC chicks.

April 17th, 2013, 04:49 PM
Rain, rain, rain and more rain, at least its not snow! Guess I brought all this rain on because I threw a big bag of grass seed around the other day. It will probably end up in one big pile. Guess we got this to look forward to for the next couple of days too!

April 17th, 2013, 04:54 PM
Hello All! I've been avoiding writing because it seems like I can only complain about the weather. All that's left of the snow is dirty banks but it's still cold & windy. Tonight we are supposed to get snow and by Friday more snow. At least it's not supposed to amount to anything but at this time of the year we here in the north get real tired of seeing it. Who knows when I'll ever get to try out my new golf clubs!?

Amy, my niece does potted tomatoes, peppers and herbs. Pole beans work really good as a potted plant. I am not planting a huge amount of anything but I am going to do some gardening this year. I love to go out and pick fresh veggies to have with dinner!

Dianne, I just left you comment, wondering where you were on MFP. I haven't been tracking everyday but I'm trying in my head to be mindful of my eating. I had to do a week of overtime at work and that was terrible! Way to much stress snacking on garbage. Can I ask why very low carb? I have friends that do that but then as soon as they start to eat more carbs they start to gain. The alternative is to eat that way all of the time and who really wants to never have bread or pasta? Not me since lots of weeks I eat pasta a couple of times. Sorry if that's to nosey.

Punki, are you lurking? Feeling better yet?

What's everyone else up to? Marianne I haven't seen you here or MFP? Hope everything is ok!

Sea Fan
April 17th, 2013, 11:34 PM
I really need to get back to MFP but my food choices have been so awful and LOL I didn't want to lie on it, I mean who am I fooling. I am a major carb addict and have been eating way too much fast and processed food. I will be back soon, Jim and I starting together next Monday.

Kelly, I can see how you would be fed up with the snow it seems like you are having an endless winter. It can't last forever right? Soon you will be making leaf stepping stones:)

Sharon LOL like you said at least it's not snow, but I'm sure you could use some sunshine also. Where's your next trip to, do you guys have something planned? Hey are you still doing Zumba??

Amy, I get the biggest kick reading your posts on the Cruisers thread, you guys really are going to have a wonderful time on your Alaska cruise.

It seems I have been running this week and it's not going to slow down till next Monday. I will be out of Internet range a bit but will pop in when I can.

I'm surprised Punki hasn't popped in but I know she is having a real tough time getting over the pneumonia and work may be driving her a bit crazy. Hopefully she is on the road to recovery.

Okay off to watch some mindless tv.



Sea Fan
April 25th, 2013, 02:36 PM
Hmmmmmmmmm!!:cool: I know I can't remember to come over here either.

April 25th, 2013, 04:26 PM
Yes Diane, I'm still doing the zumba but down to only once a week. Our Monday afternoon class ended for the summer, go figure?? And instead of doing zumba 2X's at the same place I started water aerobics. So now I do that on Tuesdays and zumba on Thursdays. It works out pretty good because, if it ever gets warm, there will be lots to do outside.

Finally have some daffodils and hyacinths blooming and the tulips will not be very far behind as they have large buds on them just waiting for a little warmth to pop open.

We were supposed to go to Texas for my GGson's 2nd bday, but the flights are way too expensive, looked today again and they run between 300 and 400 per person. Since we were only going to stay for the weekend decided its just too costly right now to go.

We do have a bus trip down to Chicago in about a week to see Oklahoma and the next week have tickets for dinner and a play we can drive ourselves to, Annie Get Your Gun.

April 29th, 2013, 08:11 AM
Good Morning! I don't have to be to work until 9am today. Afternoon meetings always mess with my schedule. We had a beautiful weekend here. Temps were almost to 70! I'm glad it was nice because we had Lucas and it was fun to have him outside where he could run off some of his energy.

Sharon, how fun getting to see both Oklahoma and Annie get your gun! We use to go to plays but kind of fell out of it. I should check the local community college and see what they have for this summer.

Dianne, I so hear you on bad food choices! I need to up my protein so that my strength training will make a difference. I have summer shorts/golf skirts that I know are not going to fit. I took my summer stuff out yesterday (I switch out summer/winter stuff). I did not try on my shorts yet.

So what's everyone else up to? Punki, are you feeling better? I saw your fb post that your DD came to visit. Hope you have a nice time with her!

May 8th, 2013, 07:24 PM
Hello out there? I thought we were coming back? Where is everyone?

May 8th, 2013, 09:08 PM
I know I feel like we really need the Matriarch or similar spelling back on the boards. We miss you Punki.

Life has been an absolute whirlwind. It seems there is never enough time between work and the end of the night then work again. We still haven't golfed, and haven't gotten the cover off the pool yet either.

We had a wonderful time at the inner harbor this past weekend and we have been non stop since we got back.

Youngest DD is getting married to the SDSIL concrete guy on July 4th, then every weekend is booked in the summer with the exception of two I do believe.

We have our Liberty cruise with Miss. Mary booked for August and before you know it our summer will be over.

Hope everyone is well. Punki please come back !!!!

Sea Fan
May 9th, 2013, 10:43 AM
Well Hi Y'all:)

Sharon at least you are exercising, good for you! Your trips to the plays sounds wonderful, how were they? I hear you about airfare, I was searching for some for my dad and step mom. They gave decided they need to get from Albuquerque to a very small town in Iowa next week. The fares were ridiculous besides they couldn't take their dog...The dog is King of the house. Long story short my 88 year old dad is driving:eek: There is no talking him out of it.

I love that your flowers are peeking out, my yard looks awful but I do have some flowers.

Kelly, I tried on some summer clothes it isn't pretty. I know you will trim off any extra weight quickly

How's the little guy doing, do you get to see him often?

Amy, a wedding Woo Hoo! it's amazing every weekend is booked for your summer except 2, LOL I would be exhausted just looking at the calendar.
Is Mary going on the Liberty cruise also? What fun would that be!

We are going to Carmel & Monterrey for 4 days next month, only a couple hours away but one of my favorite places. No cruises scheduled right now...maybe next year.

Okay enough coffee and CC ,off I go. I will check in more often.

Have a good one,

May 15th, 2013, 01:29 PM
The weather has been great the last couple of days, we went from having the furnace on to opening the windows, Bill wanted to put the air on but I wouldn't let him, too early! Looks like our whole next week will be great.

The show in Chicago, Oklahoma was almost a disappointment, our seats were way in the back and it kind of dragged. The show at the Fireside in Ft. Atkinson, Annie Get Your Gun, was terrific! We had a fabulous buffet dinner before, they are known for their sweet potato souffle. Of course you know buffets are very hard to keep in control and we didn't. Everything was so good we ate until we almost busted. Then went in to see the show, had front row seats!

Amy sounds like your summer will be non stop! Enjoy every minute of it. Lucky you with a cruise planned.

We have a two day/one night trip planned for northern WI. Just going up for a graduation and back again. But I always feel as soon as you are out of the driveway you are on vacation!