View Full Version : Private Taxi in PV

Lovin Life
April 5th, 2005, 09:02 PM
Does anyone know if there are taxi's for hire in PV when you get off the ship? We are a group of Catholic's traveling together and our priest would like to take a tour of as many area churchs as possible - do you know if there are taxi's waiting outside the pier area that can be hired for the day?

April 5th, 2005, 10:34 PM
Oh there sure are, lots of them. They are the "white" taxis, and they have the gangway contract. They charge more than the yellow cabs out at the main drag, but there are some vans there, which sounds best for your group, we didn't see any yellow taxi vans. My only 2 suggestions are first, unless you speak Spanish and want to talk Spanish on your tour, find a driver that speaks pretty good English, some of them can't even answer simple questions, not good on a tour.

Next, find out what the going rate is per hour on tour so you know what price to agree to before getting in the van. Maybe someone on these boards will know, or the shore tour desk on the ship, or you could go on the P.V. tours web sites. The cabbies "negotiate", even for simple runs to town. You should research church locations so you can tell him where you want to go.
P.S. If you stop in Mazatlan, don't miss the huge old cathedral in Old Town, a $5 cab from the ship, awesome.