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June 7th, 2005, 07:07 PM
Hey everyone,

What made you choose one cruiseline over the other for your wedding. Just curious, because I'm partial to Princess, just wondering what other options and reasons why you chose other cruiselines to host your wedding!

Also, if you looked into Princess why did you opt out of using Princess and choosing another line?


I greatly appreciate your feedback and comments!

June 7th, 2005, 10:09 PM
We chose Princess b/c we wanted to get married at sea by the ship's captain. We originally were looking at RCCL, but since they didn't offer the above option and they took FOREVER to release their summer 2006 itineraries, we went with Princess.

June 7th, 2005, 10:35 PM
We were open to Princess, NCL or RCCL. But in the end itinerary and timing made the decision for us. The 6 day Western Carib itinerery offered on the then brand new Jewel of the Seas helped swing us toward RCCL. But I think each of the cruise lines has their pluses and minuses. It all depends on which features are most important to you.

Cruising Wonder
June 8th, 2005, 07:24 AM
We were only open to Princess as we wanted to get married at sea by the ship's captain and we also would hate for our guests to miss a port. I just couldn't imagine it any other way. Good luck with you choices!!:p

June 8th, 2005, 10:47 AM
We originally were very serious about choosing Princess (Golden Princess) out of Florida and marrying at sea. However, hubby and I realized what we truly wanted was our toes nestled in the sand as we repeated our vows. Because we decided to marry in port, it did not matter what cruiseline we chose as long as we chose a ship that went to that specific port during our timeframe.

We chose the island we wanted to marry on, then chose the itinerary. Because I am a teacher and cannot take vacation on school days, our vacation time was dictated to be either summer, Christmas break, or Spring Break. Wanting to avoid hurricane season (summer), as well as the extremely high prices of Christmas break, we chose Spring Break (March). Our previous experiences had been on NCL and Celebrity, but we kept an open mind and created a spreadsheet of all possible ships leaving during Spring Break from Florida that would have port in St Thomas. We eventually decided on the ship that would have the longest time in St Thomas, as we were marrying on St John. This happened to be with NCL and turned out to be terrific for us.:)

June 8th, 2005, 11:57 AM
We will be getting married on the Carnival Sensation on 8/22. We picked it for a couple of reasons.

We knew we wanted to get married in August or September, and we live in New Orleans. The wedding is going to be very small (we're older and have both been married before) and we originally planned to have it "on land" somewhere here in town, maybe at an inn or B&B, then go on a cruise for the honeymoon. While shopping around for a honeymoon cruise we started seeing all this information about cruise-ship weddings (which I had never heard of before) and thought it sounded like a neat alternative. What the hell, I'm going to be on the ship for the honeymoon anyway! LOL Turns out it will also be less expensive than the "on-land" options we were looking at, which is a plus.

We looked at RCCL and Carnival because they both have departures out of New Orleans (and hold weddings in the departure port), which would allow a few friends/family members to attend without having to travel far. Wound up choosing Carnival for three reasons: 1) we really liked the different packages they offered, especially the "Just the Bride & Groom" and the "luncheon" packages; 2) their sailing dates worked better with our schedules; and 3) we are pretty casual people and Carnival seems like it might be a more casual, down-to-earth line than RCCL.

Obviously the wedding itself hasn't happened yet, but I've been real happy with the wedding coordinator so far, and with the choices they have offered us (re: flowers, vows, unity candle at the ceremony, special readings, etc.):)