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snowy owl
July 13th, 2005, 08:49 PM
Queen Mary

It was exactly January 29th 2004, when my sister Bobbie and I went to the Queen Mary hotel. The Queen Mary is a retired cruise ship that will be docked for the rest of it’s life. The former captain of the Queen Mary lost the ship due to reckless driving. He was saying the waves made him weave back and forth like a drunk person. He also killed a lot of passengers just for coming on board.

When we checked in we did not like the place at all, but it was the only place in Long Beach that had an open room. Actually all of its 621 rooms were open. (Which was strange because of the business convention going on). The man who checked us in had a familiar face. I saw him earlier except he was the janitor ( so I thought). He has light blueish gray hair and was close to ninety years old. He gave us our room key. It was a foot long with a little stub that went into the door.

Bobbie thought it would be cool to go on the hunted tour. I screamed NO!! at her. I don’t trust this place at all. I went to find our room. Bobbie didn’t want to get lost so she came with me. We were soon lost anyways trying to find the room.

We had room sixty-nine. Our only problem is there was no room sixty-nine. We got tired of looking so we decided to go up stairs to eat and look around. We took our luggage and off we went. We went up stairs and we saw some old stuff like a wedding chapel and an old store that is now a restaurant. We went in and the guy who served us was the same guy we had been seeing at other places. I knew something was up. When we turned around our luggage was gone, it disappeared. We just walked out and I was sure that I bumped into someone but when I turned around no one was there.

We were so mad we went to go find the room. We took an elevator to the bottom floor. Scarey enough we found room sixty-nine. It looked like a telephone booth. Bobbie said “we should go in” but I refused, but Bobbie and her fearlessness had me go in. We went in and the water pipe along with the mirror shattered.

I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and nothing was there. I heard a deep voice saying “LEAVE NOW”. Bobbie thought it was a ghost and I said “yeah right.” I turned the corner and there it was.

It was looking at me or I thought it was. He had no eyes and an extremely deep voice saying “ GET OUT OR DIE” He also was wearing a dark captions hat.

We ran upstairs scared to death. We ran into Mr. Everywhere guy. He warned us to get out or his brother was gonna kill us. Bobbie was scared and she said “who on earth is your brother”? The guy replied “the former captain and you better scram. He got the ship taken away from him over forty years ago. He is back for revenge.”

Bobbie asked “ then why are you everywhere”? The old man says “ you must be seeing things because there is only one of me”. He did say “go and save yourselves”. He said that right before he fell to the ground with a knife in his back. We ran out and we have never been back yet and we don’t plan on going back any time soon.

Now to this day the Queen Mary still exists and does have a hunted tour. I still believe that ghost is there. I will never go back. They now have a Queen Mary II cruise ship and all the dead victims including that old man are coming for revenge.

This is a story she had to do for a class in school. Have fun reading she is proud of it.:)

snowy owl
July 17th, 2005, 10:52 AM
If you have any feed back on this story I would like to hear it. Good or bad We did stay on the Queen Mary before our trip on the Pride a couple of years ago. When we came back my dd had to do a true or ghost story for English class. She thought it would be cool to do a ghost story on the Queen Mary. Her version. The teacher kept the paper for the rest of the school year. So any opinions would be great. Thanks all.

July 19th, 2005, 11:22 AM
Cute story - I love the Queen Mary! Been there tons of times, we even had an annual pass at one time.

How old is your daughter?

snowy owl
July 19th, 2005, 03:04 PM
Thanks, She was 12 now she is 13. When she typed the paper she used old style font and old looking paper. It turned out really cool looking. What's funny is she was too afraid to go on the ghost tour with us.:D Later when we were in our room she came out of the bathroom and I said "BOO" :eek: I think she made a new record for the standing broad jump. :p We would stay there again (If she's not to scared) :D

snowy owl
November 14th, 2005, 11:47 AM
sorry a little late for holloween but my dd asked me to post this again.