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August 31st, 2005, 08:14 PM
Maybe your posting got lost, but I didn't see a message when I clicked on your thread. :mad: Maybe the board died as you posted and it lost your message, so you might want to try again.

We're on Mozart also, for April 2-9, 2006, for the classical music cruise. When is your cruise?

I've posted on the roll call board (I think it's "other cruise lines") but, so far, not a peep.


September 6th, 2005, 06:20 PM
I Don't know what happened to my message. We are going on the April 16 to 23 cruise on the Mozart. My DW is a teacher and that is the week of her spring break.
This is our first cruise on Peter Deilmann or any river cruise line for that matter. Would like to know if you have any suggestions of things we should do or not do on a river cruise or any other suggestions. The cruise looks wonderful and will take us to places we have never been. We have been to Munich, fusson and salzburg.

The music cruise does sound very interesting. Hope you have a wonderful time.


September 8th, 2005, 05:49 PM
We'll be doing 3 nights pre-cruise in Munich, 2 nights post-cruise in Salzburg. So our return home gets pretty close to your departure date. However, I'll try to post at least a quick "it was great" note for you as soon as we get home. :D

[Isn't JAG the short form of a car name? :rolleyes: ]


September 10th, 2005, 11:19 PM
Your right Jag is short for a car brand owned by Ford Motor.

It also is short for Judge Adjudgtant Generals Office, the military legal group which was made into a TV show.

And its also short for my name.

Will appreciate any comments about your trip on the Amadeus when you get back.


March 13th, 2006, 10:26 PM
We are booked on the 4/30 sailing. We are new to river cruising; we have done many big ship sailing and are looking forward to something different. Have you been on a river cruise previously? We are wondering about the dress, especially on "formal" nights. Any experience to guide us in our clothing choices to pack?

March 14th, 2006, 02:46 AM

Thereīs another Deilmann thread in the River Cruises section of this board:


Weīre on the Danbue Princess in less than two weeks and I will write an extensive review. Iīll post a link in the above mentioned thread.


March 14th, 2006, 10:31 PM
We haven't done a river cruise before and we're certainly looking forward to seeing a part of the world we might never have visited! For clothing, my DH will be taking slacks, sportcoat, shirt and tie for "ordinary" evenings and a dark suit for formal evenings. I'll take corresponding "ordinary" dresses or semi-dressy tops with black slacks for "ordinary" evenings, with dressier dresses (found one short/long sleeved stretch velvet and one long/short sleeved stretch velvet -- so they should pack fine) for the formal evenings. For daytime, he'll probably do slacks with shirts/sweater -- layers because early April probably is chilly. I'll probably do something similar. I think there is likely to be a lot of walking on the shore excursions -- city walking tours, visits to cathedrals, and so forth. We'll have fold-into-a-tiny-carry-bag rain resistant windbreakers (I found mine at REI) and umbrellas as well. With all that prep, maybe we'll have clear weather? :rolleyes:

April 17th, 2006, 05:42 PM

How was your trip on the Mozart? We leave on 4/28 for our trip and wonder what you can tell us to expect, what were the highlights, things not to miss, and things that can be skipped. My wife wants to know how the hair dryers were!

We are traveling between Franfurt and Passau on the train by ourselves. Any suggestions on that trip and connections to and from the boat? We would like to hear any stories.

April 17th, 2006, 06:26 PM

In sum: Great. We'd go again in a minute!

I posted a few notes as soon as we got back (to answer some specific questions and supplement Steamboats' review from the prior week -- they ended up on Mozart also) and J has started posting his more detailed review -- all on the river cruises board and some with similar thread titles (how confusing of us! :rolleyes: ) My notes covered clothing and money issues, among a few other things.

Hair dryer on board was ok, depending on your hair. Mine is very fine so dries fast. The hose served as handle and got warm. But it worked fine -- I didn't hold it too close. All the hotels we used had hair driers also. I was glad I did NOT pack mine, even though it's tiny and would have worked there.

Disembarkation: They organized it to transfer folks to the train station in Passau. They even took the luggage to the train station for them -- passengers had to retrieve from the rack on the platform and get it onto the train. I don't know about arrival at the beginning, but I suspect you could get a cab -- it's a small enough town but you can't walk there with luggage, of course. We didn't have time to explore Passau because we ended up not embarking there. J took a half hour or so to walk around when we disembarked there but he didn't see the train station -- said the streets were something of a labyrinth and he didn't want to get disoriented.

Take a look at the other board and let us know (there, preferably) if you have other questions.


April 18th, 2006, 02:38 AM

Please check the River Cruises board (under Special Interest Cruising)! There are several threads there:

This is the main thread for the MV Mozart:


Many of your questions might have been answered there already.

I (we were rebooked on the Mozart) wrote an extensive review. It is linked in my signature below.

Jgnova answered some questions after the cruise in this thread:


And here are the first parts of jgnovaīs review:


Regarding the hair dryer: Itīs not very powerful. Itīs o.k. to dry your hair but plan some extra time. I donīt think itīs good for any hair styling. DD and I have fine hair and especially for DD (long hair) I needed more time to dry her hair.

Deilmann is offering a luggage service from the train station in Passau to the boat (of course passengers can board the bus to the boat too :) ). Iīve listed both trains in the main Deilmann thread.

Itīs hard to say what to skip and what not. It all depends on your interests. As we were travelling with our 6 year old DD we didnīt book any of the city tours as those would have been boring for her. We also skipped the Melk tour (would have been a 2.5 hour bus ride from Vienna, we got stuck there because of high water) as thereīs nothing else than the abbey and thatīs nothing for kids. Iīve listed lots of options to explore the towns on your own in my review.