View Full Version : Hire Private guide for Iguzau Falls now or wait until we arrive?

December 15th, 2005, 03:52 PM
I don't mean to run our Iguazu Falls trip into the ground but I've hit a few obsticles that may (or may not) need to be worked out.
I've been in touch with many guides recommended (many from the help of this board) but they're not able to offer us what we want in the short amount of time we're able to spend at the falls (approx. 5 hours).

I have finally found someone who is offering us a package for 5 hours as follows:

Half Day: Cross the Tan***** Neves Bridge with its lovely view of the Iguaçu Canyon en route to the Iguaçu National Park in Argentina. Visit the upper walkways which allow a different perspective and more intimate contact with the falls and adjoining rainforest filled with orchids, bromeliads, birds and other wildlife. The highlight of the trip is a visit to the suspended platform at the very brink of the abysmal Devil´s Throat- largest of the waterfalls. This trip shows you the highlights of the Argentine side.
Duration: 5 hours (they will also be picking us up/delivering us back to the IGR Airport)

Since we've never been there before, does the above include the highlights? We were hoping to at least get a peek at the Brazilian side as well (we have Visas) but this guide is indicating that we don't have enough time. I'm kind of disappointed to not be able to see both sides. Has anyone else ever done both sides under a short time frame as we have? Our other option would be to wait until we check into our hotel (Sheraton) and hire someone through the hotel once we arrive. We stay overnight at the Sheraton but fly out the following morning.

Thanks again for all the great advice I've received here!

December 15th, 2005, 07:00 PM
The walkway at the devils throat has been destroyed by the recent flood about 6 weeks ago. Sounds like you are going to be on the Argentine side, sounds fine. I would try to do a boat ride. There are two options one picks you up and drops you at the base of the waterfall and the other takes you down river and then you take a truck thru the jungle. With your limited time. I would try to get them to book the boat where you don't do the jungle.

It is too bad you don't get to see the other side, but the walkways across the top are great. On the brazil side the walkways are a level below the top and give you a different perspective.


December 15th, 2005, 10:05 PM
Which walkway was destroyed? The one on the Argentinan side or the Brazilan side? Both have walkways with views of the Devil's Throat. The Argentinan one is on top of the Devil's Throat, while the one on the Brazil side is near the elevator and restaurant and has a view of the Argentina side.

I would think that the tour you describe would be just about all you could do in 5 hours. I did a boat trip, which only lasts 20 minutes, but getting to and from the boat (from the Brazil side) and waiting for the tour added another hour. On the Argentina side you have to walk down to the boats, which can take quite a while (and longer to climb all the stairs back afterwards).

December 17th, 2005, 08:13 PM
Hi - we just returned from Iguacu Falls last month - what exactly are you trying to do?

The walkway that got knocked down was on the Argentinian side - we were just on the one on the Brazil side and could see it. Most of the falls are on the Argentinian side - which means the best viewing is from the Brazil side. There's a walkway where you can walk right out below the waterfall (and get really wet).

It really takes a full day to enjoy the waterfall from both sides of the river - a half a day on each side. If you wanted to sprint the whole time you might be able to do both, but it sounds like you'll be staying there too - do the Argentinian side from the Sheraton when you stay there since it's right there.

I'd pass on the boat tour if you're short on time - you get a better experience from the walkway. A guide isn't really necessary for the falls - there's not that much to tell you - mostly you walk along the path and gaze in awe at the waterfalls, and take millions of pictures. Just make sure that if you see a stand selling ponchos, that you get one if you're planning on walking out onto the river.