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April 4th, 2006, 05:32 PM
I posted this thread on the RCCI board, but thought I would here as well. Also, thanks for all the responses on my last thread here - the list for babies. It really helped!!!! Our cruise is next month and I can't wait!!!!!

My DH booked a couple excursions for an upcoming cruise. Wondering first, has anyone done the Tranquility Shores Beach Break w/ lunch in Freeport, Bahamas? Looks nice. Anyway, we are doing this one as well as the Divi Little Beach Break in St. Maarten (which we have done before pre-baby). Our little one is 6 months old. What I want to know is about transportation, etc. We are taking the car seat and base since we are flying and baby has her own seat on the plane. We also have the stroller, of course as well as a baby carrier. Can I bring the car seat on the excursions?? Any recommendations?? Also, I think I have everything...what a list for a baby, whoah!!!, but if you have any ideas, suggestions, I'm all ears. It's good to hear what to do, what works and what doesn't, etc. Thanks in advance!!

Kerry's Girls
April 4th, 2006, 06:53 PM
You should be able to bring the car seat if you buy a ticket for her, which would be the best/safest way to go - but you need to confirm that there are seat belts on the transportation. There is ususally a discounted price for children on those beach excursions.

Do you need to bring the base? Many car seats can be held by the seatbelt without the base (I didn't know this until someone showed me that I didn't have to lug the heavy base with me when flying).

A small blow up pool (without water) can be used to keep baby out of the sand - but I'd be really concerned about how much time she'll be exposed to the sun.

If you go to the ports of call board, I found a lot of great information on enjoying the specific places with a baby. Folks there also might be more familiar with the seat belt and facility information.

Have a great trip!


April 19th, 2006, 12:14 PM
Hi Yellowlily,

You mentioned a helpful baby packing list. Would you mind directing me to that list. I would really appreciated.

Going to W. Caribbean on board the Valor 9/17/06 with an eleven month old.



April 19th, 2006, 01:06 PM
Hi there!!

Here is a list of what I have compiled. I did buy a cabana for the beach, which looks pretty cool. I also bought a baby pool (inflatable) that I may or may not take. I think I can just stick her in the shower with me for bathing. There may be some duplicates cuz I copied and pasted. Have fun on your cruise!!! Oh, one thing I got - Pampers Bibsters - disposable bibs. Looks like they will come in handy.

disposable bibs laundry detergent and softener (CB has machines on board)
umbrella stroller
play house and crawling tube that collapse down from Target
inflatable pool
inflatable beach balls
box of diapers with luggage label stuck on it
first aid kit (with tylenol, pedia care, motrin, bandaids, etc)
mesh toy container that collapses down from IKEA
UV protection shirts from Target
plenty of hats (I know we'll lose some along the way)
sun glasses (Target has some that velcro behind his head)
swim diapers
aqua socks for at the beach
"throw-away" toys from Goodwill and Dollar Store (things that I can leave behind to make room for souveniers)
Baby birth certificate
Travel pack of Clorox wipes
baby wipes (one travel size for her diaper bag and one full size refill for the room)
diaper cream
small blow up baby bath
little swimmers

baby food (Gerber makes plastic containers I took those)
Infant cereal portioned out
formula (one large can + travel packs and 4 cans pre-mixed for excursions)
Disposable baby spoons
Disposable small plastic containers (to use for mixing cereal)
all infant medicines (Infant Tylenol, Neosporin (for severe diaper rash due to heat), infant thermometer, gas relief drops)
dish soap (in a small plastic container)
bottle washer
bottles (4 2 small, 2 large)
toys (some new for the cruise)
umbrella stroller
disposable changing pads/cloths
baby lotion, small travel size
baby blanket
baby sunglasses
diaper bag
baby sunscreen
ziplock baggies for snacks
hand sanitizer
baby clothes
Inflatable pool
Sand toys (anything can be a toy at that age!)
Kids Beach chair (what was I thinking?!)
About half the clothes I packed for her

In addition to many of the items listed by previous posters, there are a few things I couldn't have done without:

RayShade canopy extender for the stroller
Clothes pins (great for hanging up wet bathing suits, clipping shut curtains for nap)
Tupperware baby spoon set with carry case
Lots of books

Kerry's Girls
April 19th, 2006, 04:20 PM
Hi -

If your little one is sitting in a high chair already - I brought a couple of those inexpensive toys that clip on to things along with some extra rings to keep the babies amused in their chairs while we ate.

I also brought a bag of Cheerios (which was good because it wasn't one of the cereals offered on board).

The inflatable pool can also be used as a little playpen if you blow it up and throw some toys in - great if you're going to sit on deck or at an excursion.

I also brought those little ice packs that you put in the freezer to keep things cold - they work if you put them in an ice bucket. Then I was able to put those with yogurt, cheese, whatever into a ziplock to bring along with us.

I'm so jealous - I can't wait 'til we can go again. Have a great trip!


April 19th, 2006, 05:54 PM
That's an awesome idea about the ice packs - thanks!!! Did you take your babies to the pool area, to shows?, etc.?? Do you just sit in the back and leave when you need to?? I don't know if we'll be doing much a 6 month old...just a guess. Can't wait!!!

Kerry's Girls
April 19th, 2006, 07:17 PM
We went to the pool area every day to listen to the music and dance, but we stayed out of the sun. There was always plenty of room for a stroller because they always have an aisle wide enough for wheel chairs, so I would just park the stroller next to an empty chair and then dance with the babies. If you and your husband are going, you could put the little blow up pool between your chairs. But beware, since I'm a single mom with a complex about whether my twins are getting enough attention, I let anyone hold my babies, but if you don't, be ready for ALL the people who are going to ask.

The babies also liked going to the show room or disco right after dinner before they opened to watch the disco lights go around on the floor. One would chase the lights and one just enjoyed sitting in the middle of the floor watching them spin around her. We would also go to one of the rooms where music was playing (I love dancing with the girls). I'm not a show person, so that's not something we tried - in fact we were all tired and ready for night-night by 8:30 or 9 anyway.

Have fun!

April 21st, 2006, 03:39 PM
I am taking my 6 mo old on the Grandeur next weekend. She has just started to sit fairly well but sometimes still falls over. Do you think a blow-up pool would be alright for her or would I have to sit in there with her? I am not sure how padded they are on the bottom. How big are they? She does sit in the bathtub well and loves to play with the water.

Thanks for the packing list!We are also taking the carseat, base, carrier, stroller etc. I was also thinking of bringing one of those portable high chair seats with the tray I figure it would give her somewhere to sit and play. What do you all think? She has sat in those wooden restaurant highchairs before ok. Are the crusieship high chairs the same wooden ones without a tray?

The disco lights are a great idea, I bet my daughter would love them. Im not sure what we are going to do about shows yet, we'll see. Did you use an in-cabin babysitter at all? My DH and I are thiking about it for dinner a few nights but Im not sure Im comfortable with that because she's so little. All these tips are appreciated.


Kerry's Girls
April 21st, 2006, 07:20 PM
If she enjoys the bathtub, then I think a blow up pool would be great. I only put a little bit of water in. If you're using the pool as a little playpen, you could put a towel down underneath it. My girls used to like to sit or lay in it and play with a few toys or just watch what was going on around them.

On Princess the highchairs were just like at any restaurant. I'd suggest forgetting about the high chair seat - you're bringing plenty along already. Just use the high chairs in the dining rooms and bring along a toy for her to play with - and maybe a blanket that you can fold up and put behind her for extra support if you're worried about that.

I didn't use a sitter (Princess doesn't offer them, but in any case I was just there to be with the girls anyway. I would try it - the wonderful thing about a ship is that you'd never be more than 10 min away, and I would absolutely trust the staff. I'd be confident that if the ship assigned a sitter for a baby, they'd be up to the job. Then you'll have the best of both worlds - a nice family trip plus time alone with your husband.

Have a great time!

April 23rd, 2006, 10:20 PM
We took our 10 month DD on the Yellowbird Party Boat excursion in Nassau. She had a blast as you can see! She loved the band and all of the dancing!

We always made sure she was well rested and fed before doing activities/excursions. We all had the best cruise! Yes, it was a little extra work, but so well worth it!

Waterbabies sunscreen is a definite MUST!:)

Enjoy your cruise!

April 24th, 2006, 10:24 AM
Those of you who cruised with infants did you notice a change in their sleeping habits while on the cruise? Did the noise bother them ( toilets flushing, loud people in hallway etc.???)

My 6 month old is hit or miss, some nights she sleeps all the way through some nights she wakes a few times? Did any of you have complaints from cabin neighbors? I am nervous about that. We are bringing plenty of pacifiers. This is our first time traveling with her.

April 24th, 2006, 10:38 AM
After the first night of adjusting to her new room and crib, things went fine. The first night she did wake up a couple of times, but I don't think it was due to noise. Probably just because she was in a different crib.

When picking her up from babysitting late nights(1:00 am or so), we carried her all the way back up to our cabin without her waking up or making a peep. Trust me, through all of that, there was plenty of noise(casino, bands, bars, etc.) that could have woken her....but she was out like a light!

I think she was so exhausted from all of the activity and excitement....her sleep patterns were actually better than how she sleeps at home. Naps were an absolute must! We made sure she got her normal two a day.

April 24th, 2006, 12:24 PM
Those of you who cruised with infants did you notice a change in their sleeping habits while on the cruise? Did the noise bother them ( toilets flushing, loud people in hallway etc.???)

My 6 month old is hit or miss, some nights she sleeps all the way through some nights she wakes a few times? Did any of you have complaints from cabin neighbors? I am nervous about that. We are bringing plenty of pacifiers. This is our first time traveling with her.
Hi Julie - we're getting close *yippee* 5 days till sailaway!

Tommy was NEVER a good sleeper, though always a good traveler, anyway his first cruise was at 20 months (still not a good sleeper at that point) but he slept like a champ, better than at home. I think the motion was great for his sleeping. Also, he was wiped out from the sun and fun. We also had an inside cabin which was extremely dark.

When I took him at 2-1/2-yrs-old, he didn't sleep as well as normal, but I think that had more to do with the fact that his Dad wasn't with us. Also the beds on the Celebrity Century really sucked. He did awaken a couple of times but we didn't get any complaints, probably because the engine noise (we had aft cabins on the lowest level) were louder than Tommy :D

Just keep her near you so that you could calm her immediately if she awakens. Do you mind me asking which cabin you are in? We're in 7156, aft balcony.

See you soon!!!


April 24th, 2006, 02:22 PM
We are in cabin 8054 , JS mid ship. I tried to pick somewhere close to the elevators. We do have cabin neighbors on both sides. I will be sure to keep her crib next to the bed so that if she does wake it will only be for a moment. Luckily if she does wake she always goes back to sleep immediately if we put the pacifier back in her mouth. I guess I'm just worried how she will react away from home. Hopefully she will do better than at home and sleep through most nights. I think all the activity/sun during the day will tire her out more. Looking forward to this weekend!!!:D :D :D :D :D


April 24th, 2006, 02:52 PM

I have an 11 month old, do you think I need to bring a crib? what about a stroller and car seat? Do i need to bring that as well? I am beginning to rethink about this cruise......not a chance, I am going.

April 24th, 2006, 05:18 PM

I have an 11 month old, do you think I need to bring a crib? what about a stroller and car seat? Do i need to bring that as well? I am beginning to rethink about this cruise......not a chance, I am going.
Crib - I wouldn't bring one. You can borrow a playpen from the ship or else the baby can sleep with you, however you do it at home. If you have a couch you can have the baby sleep there will pillows around the edge, it depends on your baby.

Car seat - Depends. How much time are you going to spend in cars? I wouldn't count on any of the ports having taxis with seat belts, busses definitely don't. So a carseat won't do any good. If you have a long ride to or from the cruise port to the airport you might consider bringing one. Or else bring a Tote n' Go if the baby is big enough.

Stroller - YES! Get a really nice sturdy umbrella stroller, like a Chicco one. Folds up small but is sturdy and has room for stuff.

Have fun!