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April 5th, 2006, 11:40 PM
My husband and I are looking for a fall cruise to New England /Canada. We found the cruise on the Carnival Spirit and it does fit our needs. It has a stop in Boston from 2 - 10 pm which would allow us to visit my brother and sister in law.

However we do not know anything about embarking in New York City. I love that air fare from Chicago to NYC is resonable and flights are plentiful but what does it cost to get to the pier from LaGuardia? Are cabs the only way?
We really did not want to spend an extra $200. for a room if it can be avoided. More money for the Casino that way. (-: Do any fo the hotels in NYC shuttle their guest to the pier?

Our last cruise was on a smaller ship, is disembarkation the nightmare that I have read about from a ship this big?

As you can tell I have a lot of questions and I am hoping to find some answers before we commit to the cruise on September 23.

Thank you for your guidance and assistance.


April 6th, 2006, 06:15 AM
Are you sure the Spirit is coming to the East Coast? :confused:

April 6th, 2006, 08:56 AM
I think you mean the Carnival Victory, we are cruising her to Halifax in June.

April 6th, 2006, 12:44 PM
Confused, that is my state. I have been on too many Cruise Line websites in too short a time.

We are seriously considering the Carnival Victory Cruise, leaving NYC on September 23rd, 2006.

If anyone has been on this ship to New England/Canada and can give me some constructive advice regarding transfers from LaGuardia to the pier, embarkation times, etc. I would be very appreciative.

Thank you for pointing out the error, sincerely.


April 7th, 2006, 07:01 AM
Taxis are readily available at all airports, and fares are either fixed or metered, not including tolls.

From LaGuardia, the metered fare will run between $15 and $25. A 15 percent tip is customary.

== or ==

New York Airport Service provides daily transportation service from 6 a.m. - 11:10 p.m. (every 15 minutes from JFK, every 30 minutes from LaGuardia) to and from New York City to midtown hotels and the Port Authority at 40th Street and Eighth Avenue. LaGuardia: Tickets are $12, and travel time is approximately 50 minutes, depending on traffic. A short taxi ride from the Port Authority to the cruise terminal will cost approximately $5. For more information, visit www.nyairportservice.com (http://www.nyairportservice.com/).

April 7th, 2006, 12:32 PM
Thank you for the taxi pricing. Carnival is currently charging $37. per person for a transfer to the pier from LaGuardia and the same for the return transfer.

I may be wrong but I thought that was a rather inflated amount.

Have you done this cruise on the Victory? Anything that you might want to share regarding the Ports?


April 7th, 2006, 08:53 PM
Did her once 6 years ago, solo, with only one stop at Halifax. Took the tour to Peggy's Cove.

It was a repeated cruise from the previous year on the Triumph. Loved the "new" balcony ships.