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May 11th, 2004, 06:43 PM
Experienced the christening of the new MS Artistry last week. An incredible river boat. Where were you "cruise critic" rep. Looked for you. I would suggest to those who are researching river cruises that you take a look at the MS Artistry, owned by Avalon (part of Globus/Cosmos). What a beauty.

May 12th, 2004, 08:59 PM
We are looking at taking a river cruise on this boat in 2005. Will keep my eye on this board to read a review. Did you board the boat and if so what impressed you?

May 15th, 2004, 08:42 AM
We are traveling on Avalon's Symphony begining Sunday May 23rd. Spindrift, are you familiar with this ship? Any thing we should know?
The itinerary is Nuremburg to Trier Germany. I can't wait to see the castles and taste the wine. We are extending the trip with stays in Prague at the beginning and Paris at the end. Clarky, I'll review on our return.
Happy travels all!

May 16th, 2004, 06:42 PM
Actually, I was on the MS Artistry for its christening and then we sailed from Mainz to Amsterdam where the boat actually went into full customer operation.

Everything we experienced on it was first class by Avalon Waterways.

I cannot imagine anything but excellence in the service you will receive from Avalon. Altho I was fortunate enough to have experienced the christening and then being among those that sailed her for the next 3 days, I could not have been more impressed.

I have not been on the Symphony, but if it is anything like what they are doing on the Artistry, the company is off on the right track. I am so envious for you all.

I plan on being on the Artistry on 9/15/05 as I already had some trips planned before I experienced the river trip.

Oh, you will love all the castles. What scenery.

By the way, I am NOT a travel agent. Wish I were if I could travel on this boat, tho.