View Full Version : Monarch of the Seas (RCCL) men's spa facilities...

May 9th, 2006, 03:05 PM
Considering the Monarch later this year. Have travelled EXTENSIVELY on her sis, The Maj, but haven't seen the MN layout since they refurbished her. :confused:

Would like to specifically find-out about the spa/fitness facilities (since they were enlarged). Fitness area larger? Plenty of treadmills & weight machines?

Steam/sauna still in men's lockeroom? Are steam/sauna larger now than before (before refurb: tiny little 4-person steam, 8-person sauna). Big fan of sauna/steam facilities, since I don't have much opportunity to use while at home.

Any info anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.

Big thanks!

March 27th, 2007, 12:56 AM
Does anyone have photos or info on the Monarch of the Sea's fitness facility?