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July 7th, 2006, 10:16 PM
My husband and I are traveling on the Star Princess in August. We hope to meet a friend when we stop in Helsinki. Can someone suggest a good meeting place? Can she meet us at the pier? or is there somewhere else that's good.

Second question - when the ship says it's docking at 8:30a.m. is that Helsinki time? How long should I expect it to take getting off the ship to meet someone?

Thanks in advance for your help. I'm fairly new to cruising and appreciate the hints I have read on the board.
Peggy :)

July 7th, 2006, 10:48 PM
You may want to look on the thread for your sailing to find out where your ship will dock! Many cities have more than one place, since different size ships have to use different piers. The Star is very large, so the place the ferries, or ships like Seabourn Pride, etc. dock may not be where you will. Some cargo ports have very restricted access for security reasons, so it might be hard for your friend to park or get in.
Does your friend know the city of Helsinki better than you do? She may know where it would be convenient for her to meet you. The 8:30 should be local time; most ships post in local time and put in their daily news when to change your watches forward or back. You may go through 3 different zones if you go as far as St. Petersburg from Copenhagen--plus the zones from NY!
Debarkation after the stated arrival time varies, so you might want to use e-mail from the ship if your friend will have easy access to e-mail. Since almost no ships permit visitors aboard anymore, you might want to plan to meet, or go to, someplace for coffee, etc. in case she didn't have time for breakfast.
I'm in Helsinki on Aug 4th, so I'll wish us both good weather!
Happy Crusing

July 8th, 2006, 04:41 AM
There's an excellent Helsinki map and lots of tourist info in the brochure on their website at http://www.hel2.fi/tourism/en/esitteet_esitteet.asp
I've just spent an hour or so planning my visit using the the HOHO bus or Tram option, for my visit on Wed 19 July.

If you check here: http://www.portofhelsinki.fi/default.asp?docId=13051
you should find where and when your ship docks, then look at the map in the brochure to see how far from the centre. I'm on the Marco Polo and it docks in South Harbour, very close to the Harbour market.

July 8th, 2006, 07:11 AM
Hi, and welcome to Helsinki. :D

As the previos link mentioned, the Star Princess always docks in the same spot at the southernmost point of Helsinki. It's just under two miles from the city centre by foot, and easily accessible by public transport bus #16 (http://aikataulut.ytv.fi/reittiopas/en/?mm=trip&sm=&m=&adv=&map=1&n=&a=7567&b=8413&c=&an=3&bn=1&cn=&keya=Hernematalankatu%203&keyb=Mannerheimintie%201&keyc=&date=20060725&time=0900&params=1l3l1l3l2l2ll1l1l1l1l1l0&temp_a=2551446,6671167&temp_b=2552440,6673297&temp_c=&time=0900&date=20060725&which=&cs=74&detail=&sr_order=1&loc_mode=&edit_stop=&zoom=8&map=1&x=300&y=200&px=2551446&py=6671167&ppx=&ppy=&zx=2551446&zy=6671167&route=t0a2551446a6671167t0a0a0t9a37b20t1b3b53t9a24 7a235t9a87a210t9a110a195t9b56a209t9a78a156t9a167a1 09t9a7a224t9a229a170t9b18a121t9a79a186t0a200a270t9 b51b32t9b119a150t9a0a0&ss=Hernematalankatu%203&se=Mannerheimintie%201&click=2&nc=). (Remember that the same 24h bus pass is also valid on the trams and Suomenlinna ferry.)

Your friend can meet you right next to the ship if you like (there are no restrictions, as the ships are practically docked on a public road!) :p
If she is going to be your "tour guide" for the day, it would probably be best if she was at the pier and picked you up.

Another good place for meeting would probably be in front of the Swedish Theatre, where the shuttle buses drop people off.

As the ship is docked on the pier 8:30 (local time), you should be able to walk out after nine even if you're at the back of the line...

July 8th, 2006, 03:45 PM
Thanks, Cazz and Tero!
I don't know why cruise lines make it so difficult to find out where their ships are going to dock--unless they want passengers to be timid about making their own shore plans? $$$? !

July 8th, 2006, 04:03 PM
Thanks, Cazz and Tero!
I don't know why cruise lines make it so difficult to find out where their ships are going to dock--unless they want passengers to be timid about making their own shore plans? $$$? !

You're welcome.

I might be able to help with something else as well, if you have any spesific questions... Just as long as you don't ask for tour guide or driver recommendations. :p

I can pretty much guarantee that cruise lines are being vague on purpose just to sell more excursions. With a city map and browsing internet for a few hours before the trip you could do almost identical city tours for 6 (the price of a 24h bus pass) per person.

July 8th, 2006, 06:35 PM

You ara an exellent guide. ;)
Gitte :)

July 8th, 2006, 09:09 PM
A convenient place to meet might be along the esplanade, near the market square. At Kokapeli Cafe. Jeanine

July 9th, 2006, 06:21 PM
Another spot for meeting (that Star Princess Cruise Director suggested) is at Czarina's Stone at Market Square (http://cruises.about.com/od/northerneuropeancruises/ig/Helsinki--Finland-Pictures/helsinki003-jpg.htm). Definitely go for city bus line 16 -- a short block away from the pier. This is the beginning and end of the line...to get back to ship, go in Hernesaari direction). The all-day pass is worth it!
We rode the 3T out to Rock Church...then grabbed 3B back to hit Stockmann's and a lunch spot nearby.

July 9th, 2006, 10:01 PM
:) Thank you to everyone who responded to my questions. I'm new to this message board and I can't believe how much information there is and how fast I can get answers to questions.

My trip is in 35 days - we can't wait.