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April 2nd, 2004, 01:56 PM
Has anyone ever taken Carnival's excursion to
Paradise Village Resort in PV?? We are looking for a relaxing beach day with enough to
interest our 12 and 15 year olds. Anyone have


Explorer 5/01 & 5/02
Grand Princess 3/03 West Carib
Dawn5/03 1nt cruise to Nowhere
Grand Princess 7/03 East Carib
Serenade10/03 2nt cruise
Carnival Pride 7/18/04

September 19th, 2005, 02:53 PM
Let me first say that I have not cruised into PV. But I have stayed at Paradise Village and am going back on Saturday. I do know where the cruise port is (in the center of PV) and when the ships come it, it is crowded. To get to Paradise Village it is a drive -- but you are a world away!

If you have an opportunity, this is where you should go in PV! The beach is wonderful, sloping, good for gentle body surfing. There are boggie boards available and kyaks. There is parasailing available on the beach. The resort is fantastic. Food -- great, SPA -- WONDERFUL; There are permanent palapas on the beach where the beach boys bring you drinks and food. The two pools are lovely. One pool has a DJ and is always hoppin'. The other a bit quieter. Both have water slides. There is a children's program at the resort (don't know how kids would use it from a cruise) but the kids come to the beach and play games and volleyball and such. I don't know if you have heard negative things about beach vendors - how aggressive they can be or whatever; but at Paradise Village, the vendors work for the resort so when you say "no thanks" they walk away. There are hairbraders on the beach and they are employees for Paradise Village also. There is a golf course, El Tigre out there. AND a Zoo (small but your kids will never be this close to tigers in an American Zoo). There is a mall on the property. In the mall they actually have good 'ol american junk food - McDonalds and Subways. There is a small market and several shops that are very nice. It isn't the "mexican folklure" way to go, but it is the "5 star, relax at a safe, clean, resort" way to go.