View Full Version : snuba vs. learn to scuba in a day

October 23rd, 2006, 10:04 AM
I am 60. I have never snorkled, but have helmet dived, been on Atlantis and even a 2 person bubble sub (with a 360 degree view) on Grand Cayman.

I am not a good swimmer or athletically inclined. Which would be better for me Snuba or scuba. Can they actually teach you to scuba in one day.

I went tandem sky diving from 13,000 without any prior instruction. I guess anything is possible

Has anyone taken the learn to scuba or snuba excursion to give me some perspective regarding your experience

November 19th, 2006, 02:03 AM
the operators are taking on quite a bit on a fairly small boat. they are doing helmet dives and snuba. i am a good swimmer ( in the lake or the pool) however there is quite current out there and with the equipment (flippers, googles, and regulator) to worry about we were unable to participate. my flippers kept falling off. my husbands mask leaked. these are not things you can do anything about once you are out of the boat. my husband and i both got back into the boat and wasted $178. we didn't feel the operator was patient enough for folks who were a bit apprehensive or having problems. he was not able to help us get other equipment since he had another couple already in the water. it would have helped if there was an assistant or something to help you. we have never snorkeled, but we did do alot of research before the cruise and we were assured that this would be a beginner level activity. It is not. you should at least practice swimming with snorkel and fins before attempting this.