View Full Version : Adding a signature & past cruises to bottom of Thread

January 15th, 2007, 03:25 PM
Help!! How do I add my "name" / "signature" to the bottom of every thread without tpying it every time I answer a post? Can this even be accompolished?

Also, many members are able to display their past and future cruises at the very bottom of every post or thread. HOW??? Are these located in a folder which I must attached to the every thread? Or must I post a PDF file to the bottom? Do I upload a 'file" from my computer? Confused!!! :)

John from Michigan

January 15th, 2007, 05:01 PM
Much easier than you think....

Look for the link labeled User CP (should be towards the top of the page) and click. Locate Edit Signature and click. Type what you want in your signature. For example, my signature box has

11/2006 NCL Sun
12/2004 NCL Dream
12/2001 NCL Sky

and that is what/how it is displayed after each of my posts. No need to input the line, it is automatic. You can then preview your signature and save when you are happy with it.

If you want a countdown clock, here is a sticky that tells how to insert one. Read the entire thread, some updated directions could be towards the end of the thread. When you get the code created for the countdown clock, you would paste the code into the signature box along with any text you want displayed.