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January 23rd, 2007, 06:10 PM
Can anyone explain about the horse racing on board. I remember years ago we had a lot of fun putting bets on horses and rolling some dice but I have a feeling somone mentioned that they now auction off the horses.

If this is correct, what sort of prices do the horses fetch at the auctions. And what are the benefits to the proud horse owner?

Any insight would be appreciated.

January 23rd, 2007, 09:25 PM
Not all cruises have the horse auction but usually still have races.

You place cash bets on horses 1 to 6 and then they roll the 2 dice. One for the horse number and one for the moves. The horses are like the kids wooden hobby horses and the "jockeys" ride them on a track which is just a big mat 6 squares wide by about 15 long.

Owning a horse can be a lot of fun. We took ours everywhere. The starting price at our auction I think was $120 and the highest price was over $200. We paid $220 for our. It depends on the interest as to how much the hores go for. On the Sun in Feb last year there were horses going for nearly $400.

If you are an owner you get to look after the horse for the duration of the cruise. You are given decorations and told to jazz it up. We stripped ours back and repainted it. You are supposed to market the horse and one the race day (usually last sea day) you are given reserved seats, and a bottle of champagne. All the selling prices of the horses are combined and that becomes the prize for the horse which wins the race. Our cruise it was $1200.

If you want to see what the horses look like I have some photos in my album and also had written about our horse in my trip report from the Pacifc Star 25/10.

Photo Album (http://au.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/aussiedisneyfan/my_photos)

January 24th, 2007, 12:41 AM
Sorry Jane, tried to see your photos buy comes us with Photo not Found.


January 24th, 2007, 12:49 AM
I have no idea what is going on. I copied the link from the photo album sticky thread and even checked it. It did work before. I have just been to the photo album thread and now that one won't work either. Maybe Yahoo's pages are mucking up.

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Edit: Now I know something is going on. I found the email I sent out to my family with the link in it and it doesn't work either. All my family have looked at the photos.

January 24th, 2007, 02:07 AM
I had the same problem earlier today accessing your photos on Yahoo, but now I can view them. Maybe Yahoo has a limit on the number of concurrent users who hit the site? Great photos by the way!

January 24th, 2007, 04:58 AM
Oh, I should have said the horse photos are in the October Star album.