View Full Version : MSC Melody in June - need advice, opinions

February 28th, 2007, 12:42 AM
I am looking into booking a cruise in June. Melody looks interesting - going from Livorno West throuigh Ibiza. I am wondering if anyone have been on that trip. I am just a bit nervous that cruising seemes to be for a much older crowd. I am going with a friend and are women in our mid, late 30th. Any reviews, opinions to share? It seems that there are so many options, but we are looking ideally for younger crowd to travel with. Thank you!

February 28th, 2007, 08:26 AM
Was on the Melody 3 yrs ago in the caribbean.She is an older smaller ship.
the ship was immaculate,the service very good,food very good,entertainment excellent,deck space for sunning was fantastic.cabins were much larger than on most ships.Howerver, if you like the big modern ships this one has no grand atrium or 10 lounges or stuff like that. just a very elegant samller ship.only one restaurant and one buffet,no big shops..I cruise to enjoy the ocean and meet and hangout with fun people and it was great for that..Hope this helps..i was 42 when i sailed on her and lots of people my age or younger but that was the caribbean:cool:

March 1st, 2007, 08:23 AM
My wife & I (early/mid 50s) did an MC cruise in 2005, on Sinfonia, in the western Mediterranean. I posted a review of it here:-


Not the same ship at all as Melody, of course, but perhaps will give you something of the MSC flavour, and also of cruising in the western Med.

And here are some links to some of the pictures I took on that cruise:-

Sinfonia: http://www.*****************/travelpage/aspgallery/view_ad.asp?Ad_ID=1904

Naples (2005): http://www.*****************/travelpage/aspgallery/view_ad.asp?Ad_ID=1919

Cefalu (Sicily): http://www.*****************/travelpage/aspgallery/view_ad.asp?Ad_ID=1927

Palma: http://www.*****************/travelpage/aspgallery/view_ad.asp?Ad_ID=1925

Cassis: http://www.*****************/travelpage/aspgallery/view_ad.asp?Ad_ID=1917