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April 4th, 2007, 09:27 PM
Traveling from Basel to Amsterdam. Seems like a great opportunity to taste the best of Swiss/French/German/Dutch beers. Which ones are not to be missed on this itinerary ?? Which ones to skip ?? Liking local brews. Not to skip the ales !!!!!!! Thanks.

April 5th, 2007, 01:18 AM
Hello from Germany,

I am not a beer drinker... but THE beer's countries in Europe are Czech Republic (Budvar and Plzen) and Belgium (with all this various variations)...

If I am buying French or Dutch beer my friends normally "kill" me as I learned that they are allowed to use chemicals in their beer while German beer is only allowed to have natural ingredients inside.

But anyhow some recommended places from North to South:

1. Düsseldorf
It's the longest bar of the world - Go to the old town (Altstadt) and you'll find around 1 square miles hundered of pubs etc to test all beer.
The river cruise ships just stop in front of the old town.
UERIGE is a pub which brew his own beer just in the pub.
In Düsseldorf a dark beer called ALT is the local famous style.

Double checked: http://www.uerige.de

2. Köln (Cologne)
Best competitor to Düsseldorf - Same go to the old town and you'll find various brewery pubs around Old Market (Alter Markt).
Berth point same to Düsseldorf.
Their local beer called KÖLSCH and light blond one.

Double checked: http://www.brauhaus-sion.de

3. Speyer
Speyer itself has a pub just opposite of the cathedrale to have nice beer in a nice "Biergarten" (beer garden = open air restaurant in the court under trees) with their own brewed beer. I think the pub calls Domhof. Not very sure although I have been frequently there.

Double checked: http://www.domhof.de

4. Heidelberg (from Speyer or Mannheim or maybe direct)
In the old town of Heidelberg just enroute from the Neckar-Bridge (Neue Brücke) towards to the Town Hall on the left side... no idea what was the name but I am taking all international guests to this place because it's very popular and I buy them the beer in big mugs to have a nice souvenir for beer fans from Heidelberg.

Double checked: http://www.brauhaus-vetter.de


April 5th, 2007, 06:48 AM
This (http://www.europeanbeerguide.net/) site might help you, it includes brewery guides, pub guides, and articles about local beers (Kölsch, Alt etc.). There’s probably more about beer on that website than you ever wanted to know.

April 5th, 2007, 12:36 PM
I agree with Hein.

Let me add:
If going to Bamberg, try one of the Rauchbiers. They are very intersting and different (I like the wheat version best). Also Schwärzla, a black beer is worth a taste.

Frnech beers come in tghree varities: Those from Alsace are bery similar to German style lagers. Those from Nord-Pas de Calais are the most intersting (due to influenece from Flanders just over the border. The ones I suggest you try are called Bière de Garde. Those from other aprts of France are excellent for washing your feet and not much else.

Budvar is, IMHO, the best lager in the world. Mostly, though, I drink Belgian beers.