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July 12th, 2004, 09:24 PM
:confused: Help! I definitely want help with booking what will be my DH and my first cruise! There are too many things to consider for me to pick the best cabin, cruise line, etc. I realize you can't post a specific agent/agency's name on the boards, but if anyone could email me some information, that would be great. I've so far been checking out the agencies on cruisecritic & cruisemates, but haven't called anyone, yet. I wasn't sure what the best method is for "researching" and then booking (i.e., getting a service-oriented agent to match the best price, etc.). Ultimately, we want good service.

July 12th, 2004, 10:11 PM
Hi and Welcome to both the Cruise Critic and 'cruising'.
I am sure that You know that in most cases 'good service' is more expensive and seldom can be matched by the 'best price'.
If 'good service' is your priority, perhaps a local TA that some of your friends can recommend is the best option. Of course the time that they will spent with you, as well as the price of keeping an actual office will have to be paid be someone - so it would be hard for them to match the best price that might be offered by a web site agency with very small 'overhead' and very little time allowed for any client.
If you want to learn a lot on your own.........keep looking at this and other boards, there are all kind of pointers and sites that will teach you what you want to know and will lead you to some good prices as well if service will not be the issue.


July 12th, 2004, 10:29 PM
First decide where you want to go. Tons of choices. (read the port of call boards to learn what each port offers) then decide what cruise lines you want to use. (read that particualr cruise line board to see what choice of ship you can look at) Tons of choices. Then decide what kind of cabin you want. again-tons of choices and each cruise lines has a difference of categories. Inside, oceanview (window) balcony, suites,
Midship, aft, front.
Then decide what time of year you want to cruise. Avoiding tons of kids? stay away from Spring break weekS. Expensive weeks-Xmas, New Years, Easter. Cheap weeks- Major hurricane season. Sept and OCtober. (I have cruised twice during that time and never experienced a problem.