View Full Version : Tell me about Rum Point Beach, Grand Cayman

June 10th, 2007, 04:50 PM
Hey everyone!

We are doing a tour with our (then) 10 month old.
From the description of Rum point beach, it sounds very nice - is it?

We were wondering if they have cabana's to rent on the beach?

And/or, is there a hotel there that we could consider getting a room for the day?

We are just concerned about getting the baby to nap while we are out. (A well napped baby is a happy, non fussy baby)

Thanks everyone.

June 10th, 2007, 05:25 PM
Hi! IMHO, Rum Point Beach is the most beautiful place...it's perfect with little ones. There are areas of full sun, but there are also areas covered by tall trees, where you can find all shade or dappled sunlight. There is no surf, and the water stays shallow for a long time. You could sit your child at the waters edge and he/she can paddle a bit.

I don't recall seeing cabanas, but they may be there (we were there for a short visit following snorkeling and swimming with the stingrays.) There are some sidewalks through the sand - will your child fall asleep in a stroller?

I would just caution, if you are doing this on your own, to leave yourself lots of time to get back to the port. There is one main road back, and it was very, very congested. Fortunately, we were with a private tour, and our driver took one look at what was ahead, took a left turn through a residential subdivision, and after some more lefts and a couple of rights, dropped us on the street which is perpendicular to the main coast road - all we had to do was cross the street to the tender dock!

Enjoy your cruise - it took me until my youngest was 25 months to figure out it is THE BEST vacation with kids!!

June 10th, 2007, 07:29 PM
Rum Point has been our family’s warm weather destination for several years. We have booked a rental there again this March. It is a beautiful, "barefoot" beach with little surf on most days, and few crowds.
There are no cabanas, unless they have become available in the past two years. However, as I&MsMom stated, there is plenty of shade under the trees and lots of beach chairs. There are no hotels as you might find on Seven Mile Beach, where you may use the facilities for the day. As I recall, all the hotels are smaller, condo-type establishments with longer rentals.
The snorkeling is only okay if that is one of your priorities.
I agree that this is a wonderful beach with a young child, and would be a very relaxing day provided you give yourself enough time to return to the ship.