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June 16th, 2007, 09:34 AM
We had booked on The Mississippi Queen for a July 2007 trip down the river. The cruise was canceled and our money refunded. We were told about the boat issues. The reasons that most of you have already posted. My question is why is the St. Louis to New Orleans trip no longer on the 2008 schedule? There are no longer any New Orleans trips between May and September. One of us being a teacher this is the only time this trip could happen. Was this not a profitable trip for Majestic? If not, then why not haven any trips in the summer?

June 16th, 2007, 01:12 PM

In fact you have to ask Majestic about the reasons. I can only assume why: This St. Louis - New Orleans cruise hasnīt been offered before as far as I remember as it was an 8 night cruise. Usually there were only 7 nighters and the Great Steamboat Race with 11 nights, but no 8 night cruises. The only cruise between New Orleans and St. Louis used to be the Great Steamboat Race.

Usually the steamboats do avoid New Orleans during the hot summer months. They used to cruise on the Ohio and Upper Mississippi rivers or the smaller rivers.

Anyway, the new owner Majestic has completely changed the 2008 schedule. There are no smaller rivers for the DQ anymore. The AQ and MQ are spending the summer months on the Upper Mississippi River between St. Louis and St. Paul. The AQ and MQ are only offering 7 nighters (no shorter and no longer ones). The DQ is therefore offering shorter trips and longers ones (up to 14 nights). 7 nighters are probably selling best. Longer cruises are harder to sell as not everyone can get away for more than a week. So if you want to do a longer cruise than 7 night then you have to cruise on the DQ (my favorite).

Anyway the St. Louis - St. Paul cruise is one of the best ones for a beginner. I prefer the upriver cruise as the scenery is getting more and more beautiful the farther you get upriver. Regarding the landscape the St. Louis - New Orleans cruise is more or less boring.