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July 9th, 2008, 07:44 AM
I am looking for a private tour guide to take DH and myself on a tour in Guatemala. Many of the ship tours are of short duration (we are on RSSC Voyager) and only cover one stop. We would like to combine a few of the recommended sites I have seen on these boards. Does anyone know a reputable English speaking guide we can hire for the day? We dock in Santo Tomas

July 9th, 2008, 09:37 PM
The tours you see available on the ships list of excursions along with Gus' and Happy Fish website are what your options are. If you are wanting a private tour you will end up in the same places as those listed. Once you arrive in port there is a tourist bldg with tour companies and taxi stands so you can either go with them or negotiate a private tour. I received a list of tours from Luis luis@turixactivo.com and you are looking at $330 for a private tour 2-5 people or $40-60pp depending on where you are going with a group. Send Luis an email and he will send you a PDF file with his listings or visit http://www.gowithgustours.com/ or http://www.happyfishtravel.com/home.html Hope this helps, we are going back in Dec and really enjoyed our last trip. The people are really proud of their country and love to tell you all about it.