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August 22nd, 2008, 08:25 PM
Do you live on Tortola? You seem very knowledgeable about the island. If you do live there, what would you suggest for the first time visitor? I am leaning toward doing the baths and the beach beside it, but would love your imput.

September 5th, 2008, 06:43 AM
Sorry about the delay, I have been vacationing in the UK for the past 17 days or so.

No, I do not live on Tortola but I have been visiting there both as a land based and charter boater for about 8 years. I usually average 10 days per visit.

You say you will be a first time visitor but are you land based? On a cruise or a charter? The Bath's are certainly one of the most popular attractions in the BVI and the beach at Devil's Bay is a nice place to spend an afternoon but if you're there for the snorkeling then there are much better places in my opinion. The challenge is you usually need a boat to get to them.

If you don't do the Bath's I would suggest one of the day sail trips to snorkel and see the islands or arrange a tour of Tortola with one of the many taxi drivers you will find gathered near the cruise pier. If you are staying on land, take a short flight on Fly BVI to the island of Anegada. Anegada is completely different from the other BVI in that it is a low, flat island rather than volcanic mountains. The beaches on Anegada go on forever it seems and are amazingly beautiful with multi colored waters.

I will say, don't expect a lot of activities in the BVI such as jet ski's and banana boat rides. While these do occasionally appear they are not abundant and thankfully so. The beauty and attraction of the BVI's is nature, their motto is "Nature's Little Secret", and hopefully they will remain that way.

If every island has the same attractions we might as well all sail to one place and stay there. I can't understand the folks that want the same old jet ski, parasail and banana boat experience at every stop.

Hope this helps.

September 7th, 2008, 05:05 PM
Thanks Pyrate13,
We are going on a cruise, so will only be there for one day. I might try the baths on our own and not thru the cruiseline. I hear it is doable and you suggested it also. :D
I'm sure we will be snorkling a lot during our week at sea, so if it's even half way decent at Devil's Bay.
Thanks for all your help and I hope your holiday was wonderful!!!!!