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Cheryl, I see them just fine... generally you can't see them from the community page for 20-30 mins, so that may have been it!!!

**Click here for a 15 minute compilation of past S&S cruises!!**

Sensation 7/03, Sensation (Saints and Sinners I) 10/04, Miracle (Partae Pirates) 2/05, Valor Vampires 10/05, Sov of the Seas 2/06, Conquest (Saints and Sinners II) 10/06, Fantasy (S&S 2.5) 1/07, Liberty (Saints and Sinners III) 10/07, Destiny (Saints and Sinners IV) 10/20/08 and 11/3/08 B2B, Legend (Saints and Sinners V) 10/18/09 Fantasy (40th Bday Cruise) 1/10, Coming Up... Valor S&S 10 Year Reunion 10/26/14
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