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Bags - Good idea! There are plenty of shady trees that you can pull a lounger under! I defintely would NOT get another cabana!!

roe2ship - Just like there are no ugly babies, there are no ugly ships! Some are just dressed up a little better than others. The atriums on my last 2 ships before Caribbean Princess (Navigator and Miracle) were 9 and 11 stories tall, respectively. They were a wide, open space with gorgeous artwork, light and airy. The atrium on CB was only 2 stories tall and pretty closed in, darker and small. The ceiling levels on most of the CB were pretty low. These are all just comparatively speaking. The CB atrium is nice, but not as nice as others......

Which brings me to another random thought......James Lay, the Cruise Director. Again, he was good, but not as good as others. He had a kind of annoying habit of sucking in air though the back of his teeth, because he would talk for 5 minutes without stopping. I was waiting for him to fall over from lack of air a couple times.......

The shows were very good. But I wasn't to crazy about the hypnotist. One of the "subjects" was so obviously a shill......And another was sitting next to some people we talked to later and he said he wasn't under, just went along for the gag.

Drink prices were much cheaper on Princess! Well, maybe "much" is a bit much, but they were definitely cheaper. And good too!
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