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Old April 17th, 2012, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by redneony View Post
I just got a voucher for a free cruise for two through these people today. I'd probably be a lot more excited if I hadn't been sucked into this BS scam six years ago. The salesperson pressures you into buying immediately after calling merely for more info. This is so that they can prey on your emotions before you have a chance at reason or to pay a nice visit to ripoffreport.com.

I paid that very visit too late. I called back to cancel and of course they wouldn't let me. Tried disputing it with my credit card company, and, as they are famous for, they said they couldn't help me (but if I get my fiancé to call them about the identical issue, they'll help him... And it's not even his account. But I digress.). So I learned about what an attorney general does. Since that scam, I have called upon the Indiana attorney general for a couple other issues that my credit card refused to help me with and the BBB didn't do anything about.

USE YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL... Scam artists do EVERYTHING in their powers to avoid crossing them!!!
So did you get a refund, book the cruise, or chalk it up to lesson-learned?
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