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Originally posted by jlb91454
Pat what a wonderful idea. I'm in....well stop by the store tommorow to pick up a card.
Great! Looks like 2013 is going to be quite busy for you. Hope all is well!
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Originally posted by Anna32
It is referring to the little red vacuum cleaners they used to have on the ships - the ones with the cute face. Haven't seen any on board lately, but if you google "henry" and "vacuum" and go to the pictures section you can see him.
There must have been a variety of them, because the ones I fell in love with were blue It's sad, but I don't see them anymore.

Does anyone know what the postage amount is to Canada from the US? I have lots of cards I keep handy and have stamps, but need to know how much to put on a card.
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Originally posted by yellowbird23
Egon just sent me this this morning. Enjoy...I did!
OMG that is so funny. I couldn't stop laughing.
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When I lasted checked the views on this site, there were 152,422. Now it is at 153,229. Hope Egon gets cards from at least half of them! Let's get to sending him cards for his next "journey".

Egon Landsberg
c/o Torbay Cottages, 585 Banner Avenue, North Bay, ON, P1A 1X7, Canada

Central AR
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I'm freshly back from my little 5 day Carnival cruise and getting caught up, I'll be sure to get Egon a card as well. I'm glad to hear he's doing okay! Have a great weekend, everyone!

(Pat, how's your Steve doing?)
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Originally posted by 3dogsrule
I'm freshly back from my little 5 day Carnival cruise and getting caught up, I'll be sure to get Egon a card as well. I'm glad to hear he's doing okay! Have a great weekend, everyone!

(Pat, how's your Steve doing?)
Hi Karen...Glad you're back. Hope you enjoyed your cruise. Egon will appreciate that card and I am hoping that all will follow suit like you and start sending more and more to perk his spirits. He had his cystoscopy yesterday and is taking one day at a time. He moves into his new home, Marina Point Village, this Sunday.

As for Steve, they had a fund raiser for him 10/14 and had a fantastic turnout. He has decided he will talk about the importance of wearing helmets as it definitely helped to save his life. He is back home, not driving yet. He decided to move home with his parents for the time being.

I have included a pic of Steve doing one of his favorite things....spending time with Peyton, his only niece. He also started dating 2 weeks before his accident and the doctors told Mary that if she wanted out to do it then. She has stuck by him and they are still going strong.

brooklyn ny
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Originally posted by yellowbird23
Egon sent me an e-mail today telling me he is 75% finished with a huge update. Will post it as soon as I get it.
Looking forward to it!

Im so glad that Sreve is progressing and its wonderful that the girlfriend decided to stick by him!
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Plus 2 cruises on RCCL 2 CC and approx. 18 more on NCL-I cant remember which ships!
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I have to to roost! After I had to cut short my one-and-a-half years cruising in Southampton and fly back to Canada to my son, Steve, who saw me through the stroke I had on July 24 and subsequent bladder operation to remove a large tumor, for 4 months he and friend, Joyce, looked after my welfare constantly and I cannot thank Steve enough. They both take turns with cuddling and loving Steve's dog, Brandy, instead of each other! Luckily the stroke "only" affected speech and memory but not an arm or leg, so that I was able to function making my own breakfast and lunch, looking after myself and went daily for short walks, which I forced myself to do, as my walking has somewhat been impacted and I suffer from a chronic backache.

Getting accepted at Marina Point took a lot of signatures, both legal matter, as well as operational; also required were pneumonia, as well as flu shots, and a TB test, which meant a lot of running around for Steve, since everything seems to be the other end of town, and I needed him to talk for me. In between, I had speech therapy at the hospital, another trip for several kilometers.

We met the son of the former occupant whom we had told of our interest in possibly buyingsome furniture from him, and I am very glad with my purchase. I had scoured Kijjiji for both a TV (33" tube type) for $30 and it works perfectly, as well as a nice microwave for $40. Steve was able to supply all missing furniture, dishes, cutlery, coffee machine and toaster and went out of his way to think of anything else I might need.

On the 15th, Steve brought all the luggage I had been packing previously, on the 17th and 18th more stuff and on the 19th there was the big move. Joyce's brother-in-law, together with a friend, was able to load everything in his pickup and the rest of the things Steve took in his car (the nice Buick inherited from me). As luck would have it, it was a sunny day with mild temperatures and the three accomplished the move without mishap and in record time.

I have a 750 sq ft 1-bedroom apartment, a large living and dining area, a full kitchen and a balcony with a view over lake Nipissing (you should pardon the expression) and with stunning sunsets because we face West. I shall attach some photos. Of course, I have heat and air conditioning, which is controlled by me, and plenty of hot water. The fixtures are of the superior kind. There are plenty of electrical outlets and three internet connections. I prepare Breakfast and Lunch myself, but most of the time will go down to dinner, which is served in a pleasant surrounding and a simmering of elegance. I had only dinner there twice, and was not disappointed.

Well, that is the news today. I am planning on staying here for 5 or 6 six months, and then will decide. A lot can happen in the meantime.
To all my loyal followers and supporters, thank you, thank you!
I send my love and best wishes to all!
My address: Marina Point
225 Oak Street W.
North Bay ON P1B 0A9
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I have forwarded pics to Doug and hopefully he can get them up on here for everyone. If not, I will figure out how to do it. I haven't seen Doug on here for a while. Hope he is alright.
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I just talked to Steve on the phone and he said that cards or best wishes, Christmas, New Year cards can now be sent to him at his new home. This will get him up and out to go see what surprises are in his mail.

Please, if you can, drop him a line at the following address. I am very sure he will be looking forward to them very much. He so deserves them!!

Marina Point
225 Oak Street W.

North Bay ON P1B 0A9

brooklyn ny
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What a wonderful and upbeat post from Egon! So glad that he sounds happy. My card is on the way to him.
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Plus 2 cruises on RCCL 2 CC and approx. 18 more on NCL-I cant remember which ships!
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Here's Egons latest pictures....

Joyce & Steve

Egon's Sunset

Egon's apartment 1

Egon's Kitchen

Egon's apartment 2

Egon's Bedroom
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Flying Monkey Cat Ranch
brooklyn ny
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Very nice! So happy for Egon finally getting settled.
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Plus 2 cruises on RCCL 2 CC and approx. 18 more on NCL-I cant remember which ships!