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Singles Cruises Which cruise line offers the most for single cruisers? Solo cruisers?

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Old January 27th, 2013, 11:37 AM
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Exclamation I have a few questions before I plunk out money for this stuff

Ok, so I know this is probably a repeat question, but I have to know. I have browsed the forum for a little while now, and I really just want a personlized, non-generic answer, so if it's neither, please submit your input! I am 30, single, and looking for a singles cruise. I am weary of buying into one quickly, because I know I will end up trapped at sea with either a lot of 18 year olds fresh out of high school, drunk to the max, or with a pack of 55 year-old cougars trying to force me into their cabin. I guess what I really want to confirm is that, the whole cruise will not be single, only a group. Also I want to know if this is a big f***fest, because I am not interested (well, that would be a complete lie). I realize there is no gaurantee that the cruise I book will be fun, but more or less, do singles generally have good times at these events? Thanks for anything helpful that y'all leave, and enjoy yourselves.
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Old January 28th, 2013, 07:16 PM
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What I would suggest is to look at the cruise line and the roll call for whatever date you are thinking about to see how many is on it. I cruise solo, most of the time and I have gotten to where I will check out the roll call before I book a cruise. I do this because it's nice to "know" someone else on the ship....

I can confirm for you that unless you book a charter cruise, which would be A LOT more money, the entire ship will not be anything you are fearing....I have sailed on 5 different lines and the ONLY line I have ever even seen a bunch of "drunks"....both young and older, has been on Carnival....it is, after all, known as the party cruise line. Just based on my own personal experience, the NCL Epic would prob suit you well....

As far as a single having a good time....I am single and I have a blast. However, I am not shy and will talk to anyone, & will participate in activities....a cruise is what YOU make it.....Good luck.

There is a big group of singles and more, both men & women going from New Orleans to Costa Maya, Roatan, Belize & Cozumel on Feb 10. There is also a large group doing the same ports on March 17 (Spring Break) This is on the Norwegian Star
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Old February 5th, 2013, 06:37 PM
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First off, you don't really have to worry about hordes of drunk 18 year olds. At least not withuout parents somewhere. Most lines, including Carnival require at least one person over the age of 25 to book passage. Most 7 day cruises get out of the price range of your avg. early 20's person as well.

I echo the sentiments above about charters. They are more expensive with limited date options. I cruised single on the Sapphire Princess (aka: USS Nursing Home at Sea) There was a singles group on board and no one in it under 55. After conversing with some they invited me to join them for their reception that evening but I was denied entry because I did not belong to the group. Oh well, in spite of the lackluster nightlife I did meet interesting people, had a great time and even one evening had a nice late night stroll around the deck with a very nice and fetching young lass.

My best advice is if you are going for the cruise then book what you like and go with the flow. Any ship will have singles meet and greets which is a must to quickly find out who else is single. Second, get involved in as many activities as you can and be outgoing. You may be surprised.

NCL and RCI are OK in terms of other passengers your age and potential singals. I personally think that Carnival is your best bet in terms of the most likely singles your age in an envorionment that is conducive to meeting folks and having fun. Two cruises as a single on CCL and had a fantastic time on both.

Last tip. Early on, find a silly contest to participate in. The best ones are on deck or at the CDs welcome show. By all means volunteer and you will be a celebrity. If you are lucky, whom ever is running the thing will ferret out and announce the fact you are single. All you have to do after that is be out and about and smile.
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