Whales or Dolphins from ship ?

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Ontario, Canada
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Joined Oct 2010
Hi, Travelling on the Destiny in November through December 4th.

Heading from Miami to Bahamas then Turks & Caicos. Just wondering if anyone knows if I will possibly see any whales or dolphins from the cruise ship this time of year.

Anyone ever seen any from their cruise ship? Thanks so much !!!
Fairfield, CA
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Dolphins are almost a guarantee, especially in the mornings. I always see them at the front of the ship.

Whales are hit and miss. I haven't sailed that itinerary so I couldn't tell you, but on our last MR cruise last February there were a TON of whale. There was a single whale in Cabo that kept breaching right underneath a group of people that were parasailing.
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You probably have a good chance of seeing dolphins, at least in port. I saw them in Miami while we were in port on our very last morning on the Valor! That was in October.

No idea about whales. I've never seen one from a cruise ship.
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Tulsa, OK
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I've never seen any dolphins on my cruises out of Florida, and I am always looking for them. I guess I just don't look at the right times. I've seen them on every cruise out of Galveston though, in the fall and in the spring. It's always very exciting. Although I've never seen any whales (other than the dolphins) or heard about others seeing them. I've heard that the dolphins usually like to swim around the sides of the ships along the front, riding the waves.
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Menifee, CA.
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Originally posted by butterflysweeti
Hi, Travelling on the Destiny in November through December 4th.

Heading from Miami to Bahamas then Turks & Caicos. Just wondering if anyone knows if I will possibly see any whales or dolphins from the cruise ship this time of year.

Anyone ever seen any from their cruise ship? Thanks so much !!!
I can only speak for the west coast.....Yes I have seen or have heard they have been seen on all of my cruises out here....When i was in Alaska Leaving juneau We saw Hundreds of Dolphins...dozens of whales..including three orca whales that was racing on the side of the boat....
I like walking the deck early in the morning and i see lots of dolphins playing during that time....The Whale i saw in Mexico was the night we left Cabo around sunset...
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Still waiting for my first whale sighting from the deck of a cruise ship. I have seen Dolphins on several cruises. Usually see them when coming in and out of port areas. Also flying fish are very common on most cruises. They are doing their best to stay out of the food chain when leaping out of the water.
Malden, MO
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On our cruises out of NOLA I've always seen porpoises near where the Mississippi River and the Gulf join. They are at the front of the boat.
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I've only spotted dolphins once and it wasn't for lack of trying. I saw them going into San Juan in July. I about fell out of my chair (we were in the LIDO eating) because I this was my first time in 6 cruises.
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We saw dolphins sailing out of Port Canaveral in January. We have also seen whales but that was on the west coast in January.
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upstate,new york
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Years ago hubby saw dolphins in Port Canaveral. I saw flying fish last year. This year we saw a stingray in Nassau. On the way home maybe around Cape Hatteras saw a group of maybe dolphins or whales with similar dorsal fin near ship but they weren't close enough for us to see what they were. I snapped a photo but all you see is the fin sticking out of the water.

Anybody see anything interesting while snorkeling?
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tunaleen aol
Atlanta, Ga
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I have seen dolphins here and there on various cruises. We went through a big group of whales feeding when we were on our way up to Alaska. They were all around the ship and it was amazing. On my last cruise we were heading back to Miami from Cozumel when the captain announced a big whale right next to the ship. I was surprised to hear that, but sure enough he was there.
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Tacoma, Wa, USA
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9 cruises. 8 Caribbean and 1 to Mexico from Long Beach.

I've seen plenty of small Harbor Porpoises when coming into or leaving a port.
One time on the Mexican cruise we saw dolphins playing in the ships wake for a few minutes.
Whales,,, never
Ontario, Canada
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Wow! Lots of sightings. I hope I am as lucky as you! Living in Ontario, Canada, I have never seen a dolphin or whale outside a zoo

So hopefully on my cruise I will !

I will be sure to look for them in the early mornings & around the ports. Thanks for sharing !
Tacoma, Wa, USA
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When I say that I've seen them, it's usually I'm just gazing out and something catches my eye and I say to myself "Was tha?' there it is again.
"I thin" over there. Ok,,look close,,,,,, There,,, where's my camera?

Never have gotten pix.
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Saw my first whale ever this past August while on the Legend sailing from Belize back to Tampa.
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Pacific Northwest
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Have seen dolphins on all of our cruises regardles of the time of year or location. Have only seen whales on the Mexican Riviera.
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Essexville, MI
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Originally posted by FireMonkey
Dolphins are almost a guarantee, especially in the mornings. I always see them at the front of the ship.

Whales are hit and miss. I haven't sailed that itinerary so I couldn't tell you, but on our last MR cruise last February there were a TON of whale. There was a single whale in Cabo that kept breaching right underneath a group of people that were parasailing.
Thanks! I was wondering the same thing about the dolphins, cruising for the first time in March, can't wait!!!
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I saw a whale at the Port of Long Beach, while we were waiting to debark the ship. It came up right under our rooms balcony. It was an unusual site!!
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