G`day Bwanna and I are going on an 8 day cruise in 4 days and I have many questions that I am hoping veteran cruisers might help with.

Da ship is The Pacific Jewel.destination Noumea and back {I hope}

1,how do you put cash onto your cruisey card and how do I get it back.,If I put in cash will I get cash back or put into an account.

2,regarding sea sickness not knowing whether we will get it or not,is it ok to take a pill each day just in case?

3,I opted to get a drink package but not sure what it gives you.Do they have coke or pepsi.

4,we have a wifi package that gives 250mb is that a day or all up,because it dosnt seem much at all.

5,tvs in room can you attach a media player to a usb port or are they impossible to reach would brfingintg dvds be better.

6,apparently the library on the Jewel is on a hospital trolley,is this true?

Thanks guys