Weather on Transatlantic cruise in July 17

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Totally unpredictable. On one crossing we had a really bad storm where a wave crashed into the Commodore Club windows, and on the way back it was so foggy that the fog horn was sounding, almost continuosly, for over a day.
At Sea
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Originally posted by
Im travelling on the QM2 from New York to Southampton on the 28th July 17. Its my first transatlantic cruise and i wondered what the crossing should be like at that time of year?
I have to agree with the posts above.

At any time of the year, the North Atlantic may offer QM2's passengers:
Flat-calm seas,
Showers, or heavy rain,
Dense "can't-see-the-bow" fog,
Bright, warm sunshine,
Amazing storms,
Dull, overcast horizon-to-horizon grey cloud,
Winds that push you along the promenade deck.
(If you're lucky... all the above on the same day )

Random shuffle this list to suit.

But no matter what the weather, there are so many things to do, both inside and out, that you're bound to enjoy the very best way to cross the Atlantic; on board the amazing QM2.

Have a great time.
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How nice to see some humour back, in this thread!

Have a great trip on the QM2, there really is nothing to compare her with!
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While it's true that no one can say what the weather will be like, OP asked a sincere question, and for what it's worth, I will note that due to the speed of the ship (strong wind), any weather will feel much cooler at sea than on land.
Montreal Canada
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I went in early August ..I found it cool to cold everywhere ,Because we go real fast even balconies are quite cool .Yes we had lots of fog and the horn did blow ...a lot night and day ..eerie not to see anything the fog was that thick
Bring sweaters and shawls for indoors the ACwas very strong ....make sure you have jackets or long sleeves on your fancy outfit
I liked Q M 2 son hated dressing up eas fine for me
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I agree to this wonderful post of Sauer - Kraut- I sailed around the 4 th of July - and did not bring enough warm clothing- BIG mistake! New York was warm to hot- in fact they had their first heat wave around the 4 th weekend- the crossing was rather cold- long sleeves requiered almost all the time. So - lesson learned- for TA- don´t expect carribbean weather.
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Market Harborough, UK
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Originally posted by
Im travelling on the QM2 from New York to Southampton on the 28th July 17. Its my first transatlantic cruise and i wondered what the crossing should be like at that time of year?
Just be flexible with your clothing - the Transatlantic can do anything at anytime. Just remember POSH when you book your cabin - it makes a difference!
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Trevor Lake
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Originally posted by
Im travelling on the QM2 from New York to Southampton on the 28th July 17. Its my first transatlantic cruise and i wondered what the crossing should be like at that time of year?
We have crossed in December, calm sea.
We have crossed in August, rough seas.
But remember you are on the best liner afloat, and nobody tells mother nature what to do.
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I've only sailed August and July for the last three years and the worse weather I've had was fog. The outside is cooler as someone else said, but like someone else said there is a lot to do on board and I find that the best advice for clothing is to be very flexible on what you take from cool windy days to warm sunshine, and a couple of amazing dresses, if you're a woman and black tie if you're a man for the formal nights.
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