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Old August 5th, 2009, 01:18 PM
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Default MSC Opera

Bye Bye MSC Opera!


a really simpatic surprise from the animation team of MSC Opera!
27 jan to 02 feb 2008!
MSC Lover - Brazil

MSC Fantasia - Mar. 2013
MSC Magnifica - Mar. 2013
MSC Orchestra - Nov. 2013
MSC Orchestra - Nov. 2013 (2)
MSC Preziosa - Nov. 2013
MSC Orchestra - Dec. 2013
MSC Preziosa - Dec. 2013
MSC Magnifica - New Year's Cruise 2013/2014
Costa Fascinosa - Jan. 2014
Costa Fascinosa - Feb. 2014
MSC Preziosa - Feb. 2014
MSC Magnifica - Mar. 2014
MSC Preziosa - Mar. 2014
MSC Divina - Santos to Miami - July 2014
MSC Lirica - Nov. 2014
Empress - Nov. 2014
MSC Lirica - Dec. 2014
MSC Preziosa - New Year's Cruise 2014/2015
MSC Preziosa - Jan. 2015
Costa Favolosa - Feb.2015
MSC Poesia - Feb. 2015
MSC Preziosa - Mar. 2015
MSC Preziosa - Mar. 2015 (2)

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