Share prices taking a dip today

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For anyone wanting to buy Carnival shares but have put it off due to the increasing prices maybe worth watching the market as showing quite a drop so far today.....

"(ShareCast News) - Cruise ship operator Carnival's earnings growth is likely to slow as its significant growth in capacity comes amid greater demand threats in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and China, warned Credit Suisse as it downgraded the company's shares to 'neutral'.
Credit Suisse, which trimmed the target price for the shares to 5,300p from 5,910p as it knocked the stock off its previous 'outperform' rating, sees threats to demand in the 2018 financial year in each of the top three cruise markets.

In the Caribbean, which represents 39% of global passengers, Hurricane Irma has laid waste to potentially 24% of the region by passenger volume and could be facing a repeat of 2005 when earnings per share were downgraded 10%.

For the Mediterranean, representing 14% of passengers, the Swiss bank pointed to the recent terror attack in Barcelona, which is the number-one cruise port in a region where in the East there has been a 60% decline in volumes seen since 2011 due to issues in Athens and Turkey.

China, which represents 12% of passengers, the Korea travel ban is still in place and the industry is planning to trim capacity by 5% in 2018.

In the face of these potential issues, Carnival's 2017-2022 estimated capacity growth is 6.1%, the absolute level of capacity growth in 2018-2021 is double that of the past five years.

When coupled with increasing demand threats, analysts now assume more cautious 2018 yield growth.

Forecast yield, which measures the net revenue per available passenger cruise days, has been cutting to 1.5% from 3.0% and this, plus higher fuel prices, led to a 10% cut to forecast EPS."

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Joined Oct 2009
Originally posted by Glenndale
Wish I'd bought more when I purchased mine in 2008

Wished I'd not sold mine when they hit the high of £28 a share! Had a lot of cruises since then, missing out on obc never mind the increase in prices. Lesson learned and will keep hold of them when I rebuy and maybe buy some extra too

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No surprise there as Irma struck ahead of the final payment deadlines for a lot of December and January Caribbean cruises. While most of the sailings will go on with revised itineraries, many will cancel as they won't like the revision. The reasoning will be "sorry for your loss but we work too hard to spend money on ports we've already visited." The terrorist bucket bomb in the London tube today didn't help the P&O side.
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I view the dip over the last three days as standard for a post 'Dividend' period.

Always a good time to buy.
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Think the hurricane in Caribbean will have a severe impact on Carnival plc profits and that is why there has been a fall in share value.
Magnolia, Texas
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Looking at Carnival Corp the US side of the company. The close on Friday was $65.94 off 2.80 for the day. The dividend was paid on 15th September at $.40/share.The close at the end of July (the last month I have a statement for) was $66.78. Bottom line if your looking to take advantage of the shareholder credit, buy now. The value of my purchase has more than doubled since I bought it in 2009, so it has been a good investment giving me capital growth, modest dividends, and OBC for a number of cruises. A good deal in my opinion.
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