Adventure of the Seas Curaçao Aqua Boat Tour

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Disclaimer: I did post this in the Curaçao ports of call forum but it's not very active. If this is a bad place for this, please let me know.

We will be in Curaçao all day in port in July. I've booked the Aqua Boat Tour with snorkeling through RCI. A lot of the older reviews (several years old) are not great but the more recent ones are very good.

I'm hoping to find people that have done this tour in the past couple of years as I have some specific questions.

It takes people to the sunken tug boat which I am anxious to see. I have snorkeled only one time and I'm a bit of a scaredy cat but love the idea of adventure

The time we snorkeled before was just walking into the water in Hawaii off a random beach and it was amazing. I liked that I could stand up if I wanted to.

I can see from YouTube videos that the tug boat isn't in water I can stand up in. Is the shore near by? Do they have people just jump off of the aqua boats/jet skis and you're just in deep water? Is it reasonable that this makes me scared?

Is there somewhere nearby to be on a beach and just snorkel in shallow water while still being with the tour? I might last a few minutes in the deep stuff but maybe not too long. Is there shade nearby?

I guess I just need an idea of what I'm getting myself into. It's an expensive tour and I want to enjoy it but recognize my limitations.

Thanks so much for any help!
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I snorkeled at tugboat last week. I didn't take a boat tour but snorkeled from the beach. The beach is a decent swim away, took me 10mins or so to swim back from the tugboat area. The boat is submerged, probably 8ish feet below the surface to the top of the boat. It is too deep to touch our there in most spots, the spots that you could touch are covered with coral so no standing. Some people were standing on a protruding piece of the boat that would put them above water. I personally didn't stand there as to not disturb.

Most of the boat tours we saw anchored very near to tugboat so you could always swim back over if you needed a break. I didn't see anyone from the boat tours swim to the beach while I was there.

No shade there but most of the boats I saw had some type of shade provided.
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This is such good information. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply with great detail!

We will be on small two person jet-ski type vehicles. Do you think if I wasn't comfortable with the depth, it would be reasonable to take the jet ski to the beach (assuming the tour would allow that)? Then possible snorkel from there?

Thanks again :-)