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Old April 17th, 2006, 05:53 PM
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Exclamation **DO NOT POST HERE** until you've read the Rules for Posting in the Grenada Forum

Reviews/Recommendations of Tour Operators/Guides
Legitimate third-party reviews/recommendations for tour operators/guides *must* be posted as a reply to a request for the information. Do NOT start a new thread with an unsolicited review/recommendation. It will be removed and your posting privileges may be suspended. Additionally, repeatedly posting the same “review” over and over in response to many threads is considered “spamming”. They also will be removed from the boards and posting privileges may be suspended.

Post Shore Excursion Shares In ROLL CALLS
Posts looking for members to "share" your excursion, or posts mentioning that a few more spaces in a van are available and you should contact so and so, are not allowed here or or on any of the other forums except the ROLL CALL forums. Use the specific ROLL CALL thread for your ship’s sailing date to find others willing to share your shore excursion tour costs. You are targeting the specific group of people who would be most inclined to share since they are already sailing with you. Do not start a new ROLL CALL thread in a ROLL CALL forum with your share request. Use your existing ROLL CALL thread to post your share request. If you need help finding the specific ROLL CALL thread for your line, ship and sail date, please read What is a ROLL CALL and how do I find mine? at http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=44773.

Participation of Tour Operators/Guides/Drivers/Businesses/Transportation or Taxi Drivers/Tourism Website Owners in Ports of Call
Our Ports of Call forums are meant to be a place for cruisers to exchange information with other cruisers. Therefore, the participation of Tour Operators, Guides, Drivers, Businesses, Transportation or Taxi Drivers is not allowed. Any TOUR GUIDE or COMPANY who pretends to be a member and posts recommendations about their company risks having their company name PERMANENTLY CENSORED from the forums.

Businesses in ports of call who wish to respond to a posting on-line should first contact the Community Manager at community@cruisecritic.com. Posts not cleared with the Community Manager will be removed. There shall be no exceptions to this policy. You should know that Cruise Critic will never remove negative posts from the boards at the request of any tour company, cruise line, store, shop, taxi company, driver, guide, etc.

Tourism website owners, official representatives from port operations (and their associates, employees or designated representative) are encouraged to participate in the discussions on the Cruise Board and establish themselves as experts on a particular topic. They may respond to members' inquiries with useful answers. They may not, however, list or refer members to their websites in their posts. Tourism websites may include their business name in their signatures, and may include their website link in their profile only. No promotional material or conducting business will be allowed, nor may you recommend specific businesses in ports of call. Only items of a general nature may be posted on the forums.

Advertising is not allowed on Cruise Critic
Tour operators/guides/drivers/businesses in Ports of Call may not promote their business in any way -- that includes posting a link to their website, phone number, location, tour information, hours of operation, pricing, scheduling, etc. No promotional material or conducting business will be allowed. This includes scheduling times of tours, confirmation of events/deposits/e-mail receipt, etc (and any other discussion determined to be of a customer service nature in the sole discretion of Cruise Critic).

Participation of Local Experts in Ports of Call
Locals living in ports of call are encouraged to contribute, as long as their recommendations are general in nature. Those living in ports of call who recommend individual businesses or tour operators/guides will find that their posts have been removed and their posting privileges may be suspended.

All posts/discussions soliciting donations or the collection/bringing/passing out of supplies/donations are not allowed. They will be removed from the boards, thus allowing our members to continuing discussing visiting these ports and finding interesting and fun shore excursion information. Repeated violations will result in suspension of posting privileges. This applies to all forums on Cruise Critic, even ROLL CALLS.

“One Post Wonders” – will be removed from the boards. This phenomenon essentially amounts to single or multiple posts created by a brand-new member touting tour operators/businesses/guides/drivers in ports of call.

Questions, comments, concerns? Write to community@cruisecritic.com.

Thank you all for your cooperation,
Sr. Manager Community
Cruise Critic

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