We booked our cruise for Mid September on Britannia back at the end of January on a select fare, obviously got our choice of dining and we have the free shuttle buses in port - but not quite sure where we will use them as booked tours for a number of the stops.

Although we booked a Superior deluxe balcony we could only get one on A deck with the accompanying shade warning.

Had a bit of dialogue with P&O at the time about if we did tick the upgrade box if there would be a chance of getting one of the Superior Deluxe balcony's on one of the lower decks still mid ships if it became available (ie someone cancelled / got upgraded to a different cabin grade) - as we did not want to end up at the back or the front of the ship - but was told that basically if we did - we would have no control of the the location of the cabin we got and could not change it back - so on that basis we decided to stick with it and hope for the best! although I just know that the people in the cabin next door are probably going to tell me how they booked it last minute and got put in the same type of cabin as us for a third of the cost.

Now reading also about the boarding times and that A deck get 3pm or later it seems, but with a 4.5 to 5 hour drive down to Southampton and the boat show being on in Southampton that weekend we can't afford to leave any later than 6.30 /7.00 in the morning in case of any delays on the way down, so it looks like we will have a bit of sitting around, if we have a clear run.

Not done a cruise for quite a few years now - but it did not appear to be as complicated previously - the company rang you and offered upgrades and you could say yes or no and you could turn up when you arrived.

Still looking forward to going on Britannia.
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