Bacon on Vista

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Okay, people will think me crazy, but..... my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Bacon to me, is an entire food group.

I've found on previous Carnival cruises that I seem to be encountering what I call the "bacon natzis."

I promise Carnival, if I ask for bacon, I'm eating it ALL. It will NEVER be wasted! Please fork over the bacon. Don't make me beg for it. LOL

I've asked for more and they've given me one extra piece, so I just go to the table and come back with a new plate. I've also been known to send the husband back for more.

So, is there free reign on Vista, or will I be making multiple trips?
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Plan multiple trips. One day there wasn't anyone there, but he could have been back in the kitchen. Another day there was someone there but I got a good number of slices in the serving anyway. And remember there's more than just one buffet line at breakfast.
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I've always been able to get as much bacon as I wanted with no problem.
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I have never had trouble getting bacon on 20 cruises..extra as well. Good luck
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Last cruise, I asked the "bacon master" for two strips. His reply?, "Oh you want more than THAT!", and tried to place five on my plate! Oh, the horror!
Anyhoo, if you want more, just ask!
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I dont recall having someone hand us bacon in Ocean Plaza. Pretty sure it was self serve. They serve breakfast there most days, and it is never crowded... or at least on the 22 days I have been on the Vista it has not been.
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What kind of "bacon" are we talking about here? Does the Vista have good quality bacon, or is it this super thin, greasy mess they call "bacon"?

Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with bacon being greasy, but I prefer it to not be paper thin. I've only experienced paper bacon previously during Carnival breakfast.
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5 bacon and a piece of toast. i ask and thats what i get no problem
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