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France Ports Cannes, Corsica, Marseille, Nice, Sete, St. Tropez, Toulon, Villefranche. Includes Monaco (Monte Carlo)

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Old September 11th, 2010, 09:52 PM
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Default Grand Casino question

I have a fairly simple question, really, at its heart.

I won't claim to be a high-roller, but like any man who enjoys blackjack and Bond movies, I'd like to play a couple hands in the Casino de Monte Carlo.

We're going to be coming into Villefranche on a Saturday morning, and will be doing a "Nice & Monaco on your own" thing from Century.

My question is simply, what will I need to do in order to go in and play a few hands, and walk out? I remember reading somewhere there's an admission fee to get in (like 10EUR or something, if I recall correctly?), but that's fine. I'm just trying to make sure I understand in advance what the typical betting requirements, dress-code, etc., are, and the casino's web site is really not all that helpful for that, it seems.

Anyone else done this before and want to offer some insight? :-)


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Old September 12th, 2010, 01:48 AM
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We were just there on Sunday on the Quest. Like you we were more curious than anything else. It's true there is a 10 Euro charge to get in, bring your passport they require it to get in. We were there about 9:00 pm, the dress code wasn't to strict, we were dressed nicely, my husband had a dress shirt and slacks but no tie or jacket.

The casino is different than what we are used to. It was very quiet and serious. We watched for awhile at the blackjack tables the minimum bet was 25 Euro, eventually my husband decided to play, put down a 25 E chip won, let it ride, won again, let it ride a 3rd time, won again! Picked it up and cashed in and it was time to return to the ship.
The casino is beautiful inside and out and there are lots of fabulous cars parked outside.

Three years ago we were there and found out the casino didn't open till 2pm. You might want to check on what time it opens so you aren't dissappointed if you get there to early.

Kim McInerney
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Old September 12th, 2010, 11:58 AM
unixgeek unixgeek is offline
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It sounds like your husband did pretty good. 25 to 200 is a pretty decent ROI for random betting. :-)

The tour-book for Celebrity says it doesn't open until 2pm, and that they plan to do the Monaco/Monte-Carlo portion of the "on your own" in the afternoon, so that should work out well. Come in, play a few hands, and get out.

Thanks for the info!

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Old September 13th, 2010, 08:28 PM
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We were at the Grand Casino last Saturday. In my opinion, I thought it was a joke. The roullette table was incredibly out of control. It took 15 minutes for the 3 handlers to determine how much should be paid out. People were throwing chips and the table was chaos. We didn't bother to play becuase it looked poorly run. Yes, the black jack is 25 Eu minimum. I will say that if the minimum had been lower, we would have played black jack because the dealer was slow and steady. The dealer was calling out the play in French so it helps if you know French numbers. You can play roullette for 5 Eu. 10 EU and passport for entrance. It is worth it to see the old building, but it is a second rate casino at this time with a poorly dressed, French speaking audience. The comment is not against French, I am just saying it was not an international audience, but just basically French tourists from Nice. Not impressed. Go to Vegas or gamble on your ship.
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Old September 13th, 2010, 08:41 PM
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Default Grand Casino

The Grand Casino was scheduled to be closed for renovations several months beginning this past spring, but they have postponed the work and it was open when we were there in June. Check their website or your cruise line's shore excursion desk to make sure it will be open.

That being said, we got to the Casino as part of our private shore excursion at about 3 p.m. on a Friday. In the afternoon the only dress requirement is long pants for men (and possibly a collared shirt). So the men in our group wore long pants and the women wore skirts and capri pants. No shorts for anyone.

Yes, there is a 10euro entrance fee to enter the area with the table games. (there's a slot area immediately to your right that doesn't have the entrance fee). I have a feeling you want the entire Grand Casino experience. In that case, spend the 10euro and see for yourself. The atmosphere is a little bit intimidating at the beginning but my husband played roulette for a while. He lost what he bet, but got to fulfill his James Bond fantasy.

Have a good time.
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