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West Georgia
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Just back from Carnival Magic 5/13/17 sailing and have to say there were few attendees at the event, but I'm guessing it was because few received invitations. It was not listed in the Fun Times. We were visiting with someone from another site who mentioned her daughter didn't get her invite. We didn't, but since she told us the time and place, we dropped by. A woman with a clipboard asked for our invitation and we said we didn't get it, but we had signed up. She made a call and then let us enter. Maybe 10 - 12 people were in the Piano bar. The only crew member was Dr. E. He shook hands with a few people and left. No offer of snacks or beverages. We won't be signing up for this again.
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Originally posted by nexttimeclub
Monthly update: Received same email last night at 7:01PM. I am hoping something positive, not another hurtle, fence to jump over, or weasel clause. Sailing on the Glory next month. Originally have to sign up 2 weeks before sailing. Now, have to register 3 weeks before sailing. Dynamics of meet & mingle - moving target? The positive part is asking for room number. Already have my name, email address, & roll call handle. Does NOT show up on roll call. Have to go to Community, or boards to register. There they ask for a booking number.
What do you think? 130 plus cruises, less than 2 years on Cruise Critic, disappointed! I'll keep depending on myself. Update next month after cruise.
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I thought I read somewhere that once the group is of 25 or more they will send out a confirmation email? Our group has been beyond 25 for a while now and I have not seen anything? Dream Aug 20th.
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We had 109 signed up for our Meet and Mingle the week of June 17-23, on the Magic. I understand only about 30 attended, because MANY of us did not receive the invitation that was sent out. The event was apparently held in the Vibe nightclub, at 5:30, on the 19th. We found out about it after the fact, and we were sorely disappointed in the lack of communication.
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Layton, Ut USA
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I thought I had posted a reply to this thread shortly after our last cruise, but didn't see it. Sorry if this is a repeat.

We were on a Miami trip in 2016. Visited Grand Cayman, Belize and Roatan (spelling?) The Meet and Greet was set up, over 25 CC members said they would attend.

I saw a notice in the Fun Times saying it would happen just prior to early dining. I believe it was a sea day (day 4?) but could be wrong.

There were 5 CC'ers who showed up. My party of 4 and one other who came in about 30 minutes after the start of the event. Carnival had provided snacks (fruit bowl and something else) for about 50 people (we hardly made a dent in it). They offered free drinks. Two crew members were there, the assistant cruise director and someone from the hotel staff (assistant or director). We had a great time talking with them, getting insights into life as a crew member.

In my opinion, Carnival delivered all they could (except a personal engraved invitation). It was the CC members who failed to deliver.

Will I sign up for M&M on future cruises, YES. Will I attend, YES. I can only hope my fellow CC'ers do the same.
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orange county, ca
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Signed up for the Meet and Greet. Hope I find out if it is being held. The Meet and Greet site had my email wrong and would not let me correct it. If they use the email for my cruise confirmation, I will get the info.
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Kansas City
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I've had the same experience on the Glory. 30 or more say they will be there and Carnival supplied a room with refreshments and 6 of us showed up. I'm doing my first Vista cruise (back to back) Jan 13th to 27th. I love to cruise.
Paris IL
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For Freedom cruise last February, for our roll call on another social media site, we contacted John Heald 5 days prior to sailing, and they provided us a time and location for the M&G, which was on the first sea day. For our Cruise Critic M&G, I belive we got a notice in our cabin the night before. We had already made plans, so couldn't attend. I believe it was the 2nd sea day. Maybe if we could get notifications before we actually sailed, attendance would be better....

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