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Maryland, USA
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Has anyone tried using pocket WiFi while on a Windstar cruise in Italy? We are cruising the Amalfi Coast and Sicily next month and are considering that option.
Thanks in advance
Seattle, WA
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Originally posted by MikeeH
Has anyone tried using pocket WiFi while on a Windstar cruise in Italy? We are cruising the Amalfi Coast and Sicily next month and are considering that option.
Thanks in advance
Are you on the October 7th sailing? If so, that's the same trip we'll be on. I am a business owner and there are a couple of things that I need to do that week that will require a decent internet connection. In addition to the on-ship internet package I made arrangements to rent an XCom Global mifi and upgraded to LTE service. I am not confident that the xcom mifi will work while on the ship but it should work in both Greece and Italy while in port.

It's been about 3 years since I've been on a cruise and what I remember is that the internet service while at sea was almost unusable for anything more than maybe just checking emails. We've never done a Windstar cruise so I can't speak to the quality of their internet service but to be fair, most cruise ships are all using the same technology.

Maryland, USA
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Joined Jul 2017
Thanks for the reply. We are on the October 3 cruise (Amalfi Coast and Sicily). I rolled the dice and ordered a unit from ExpressoWifi. Their rates were good and they were very responsive to email inquiries. Their rep told me to expect pretty much the same service limitation you expressed so we'll just have to work with that. Our travel agent recommended that we not purchase the onboard Wifi service because its unreliable and "not worth it". So, there you go. Your info from experiences 3 years ago seems to remain the norm.
Have a great trip!
Burlington, ON (near Toronto)
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We rented a device from CelloMobile in May for a 2 week, 7 country tour in Europe. It was fantastic. Charges it at night, tossed it in my bag during the day. Supported up.to 5 devices and had unlimited data. Perfect since we were travelling with my 19 year old niece. They do have a pkg that works at sea but it is very expensive. Land package was about $100 for 2 weeks.
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Seattle, WA
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Thanks for the information on Cello Mobile. I checked the plan and athough they offer service in all of the countries we'll be visiting, they don't have the LTE option available like XCom Global offers for their mifi. We're paying $175 for the two weeks we're traveling though I opted not to include Dubai in my package since LTE is not available in that country.
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I think I've likely posted this before, but for those who travel frequently I can't recommend the T-Mobile simple choice package highly enough. The plans have changed a bit, but we pay about $110 per month total for 2 phones/lines and that includes unlimited data, texts, and very inexpensive phone service, essentially worldwide, with tethering included. So when I need to do some power work I just use my laptop tethered to the phone. I wouldn't want to watch a movie on it, but it works perfectly for textual stuff and I remote desktop over it all the time. The limitations are that you need cell service, which in the Med means most of the time since you're often close enough to shore to pick up a signal. The one you want to avoid is Onwaves, which is the shipboard service (not included in SImple Choice and $$$$$) but I've disable that from my phone. I tend to be an early riser, so I go up top while the ship is coming into port, etc. Signal is strong and I have a couple hours to plow through work before Mrs. Milepig is ready for breakfast. The speed is also good enough to do things like google directions, addresses, etc. in the course of a day while touring or walking around. I love the freedom on not being billed by usage.