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Q&A with Oz Clarke, Wine Expert

Oz Clarke

Renowned wine expert Oz Clarke will be here December 27th to answer all your burning questions about wine and food pairing. Oz is one of the U.K.'s leading wine writers, a broadcaster and TV presenter. - Mr. Clarke will be here on December 27th to answer your questions .
- You should ask your questions now, starting a NEW THREAD for each question.
- This forum will remain open for review through January 31, 2013.

- Our Community Guidelines are in effect, please be respectful of our special guest and your fellow community members.

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Old December 27th, 2012, 06:44 AM
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Default Decanting

Hi Oz.

What is your take on decanting wine? I don't know whether its a myth or not, but I was told that decanting a relatively youthful red wine gave it the equivalent of one years extra bottle age.
I'm tending to aerate most red wines now (since I bought a gadget) and I'm sure it adds to the flavour.

Old December 27th, 2012, 10:50 AM
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There is several ways to decant wine.. from spinning it in a glass, to pouring it in a decanter and letting it naturally open up in the decanter to wine aerator tools.. We use a venture style tool... here is a test.. we at work call the venture challenge..
Pour some wine straight out the bottle into a glass.. then using the venture( you can pick these up and the big store that is similar to Rosco(lol).. they are around 40 buck up here.. any way run your wine thru the venturi and into a glass.. get a some dry white French bread( no schmear,no butter dry).. taste the glass out of the bottle.. roll it around on your palate for a few seconds..note some of the tastes you are getting.. fruit, spice, acid,smoke, leather,tobacoo.. are just some of the things you may pick up..then cleanse with the dry French bread.. now try the venturied glass..the wine will be more open, palatable, different flavours, aromas.. I brought mine on the Carnival Pride for the wine tasting.. the sommelier had never seen the wine tool before and a Boujolais thru it and he could taste the difference before and after.. I use mine now to age the wines I make to see what they are going to taste like at 7 months of age..Pick yourself up one.. if you are satisfied with it take it back..but next to the wine whip we use for degassing wine.. I can say it is one of the best wine tools I have used..
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