I forgot to mention that at WW, I stayed exactly the same as last week. I just can't seem to get past the 7 pound loss.

Sorry I wrote down the wrong date for your birthday, but good you got a discount and will get another one tonight.

I did get the grass cut but not taking it easy today, had a few yellow iris that a friend had given me so had to dig out some of those awful orange lilies for a spot to put them. Also dug up another bed to ready it for the snapdragons when I get them. Last year I bought a flat so will do that again this year. Looks pretty with all different colors.

I see a robin has made a nest over the porch light by the front door. Nice sheltered place for the birds but not good whenever you walk out the door. As soon as the babies are out I will knock it down so she doesn't come back again.

Enjoy your diner,
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