Have you had Proof that it really is a "small world" after all?

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Originally posted by iancal
The proof for us is where we can fly, often for as little as $500 -$700 USD. Just about anywhere in Europe, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, China, even Australia.

Amazing. Could imagine affordable travel like this 20 years ago. This, and the Internet is what has made our world seem much smaller.
Although I enjoy reading about "small world" stories as much as anyone, I like the above post the best. I can fly from NY to Europe for not much more than NY to Columbus OH!! (but that's a different thread - FAA, are you listening?)

But "small world" coincidences are not rare at all. For example, you only need a room of 23 people, to have a 50% chance that two people share the same birthday.

On the Oasis, assuming an average family size of three, there are 2 million "pairs" of families - a guarantee that somebody will know somebody!
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We did an Eastern Mediterranean cruise in 2009. One evening at dinner I noticed a couple and their two teenish kids a few tables away. They were a couple we had not seen in nearly 15 years who were in our adult Sunday school
class when we lived in NE. We moved to MN 15 years previously. We had a nice chat and found out they were only a few cabins down from ours. The day after we left the ship in Rome we ran into them again at the Colosseum.

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Susan in Minneapolis
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MANY TIMES. Just a few:

1) I was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. My first evening, my control officer and her husband invited me to dinner. When they picked my up, she explained she brought her boss along. At dinner, we played where are you from, turns out the boss had worked at the marina where we had our sailboat when she was in high school. She remembered the boat.

2) Was on another forum/board and somehow figured out an online friend living in Seattle area and I (living in MD), had dated the same woman at the same time in high school.

3) On the sunset cruise on the Zambezi near Victoria Falls, I got to talking the lady sitting next to me. She was part of a fairly large group of women traveling together. Turns out she lived less than 3 miles from my parents outside DC.
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A few years ago when I was living in Christchurch, New Zealand I took my son to Disneyland in California. Amongst other things we did on that trip was a bus tour to Sea World in San Diego. Got chatting to a man on the bus and he mentioned he was going on a trip to New Zealand in a few months and Christchurch was one of the places he would be visiting. Back home a few months later went out for dinner to a local restaurant and he happened to be dining there as well.
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A few years ago we were on a cruise and went to the meet and greet. We started talking to a lady and found out she was from a city about 15 miles away. She told us her brother lived in our city. After talking about what part of the city we lived in we found out her brother was living one street over from us in the house right behind us their fence between our yards.